Style Me Pretty | Gwyn Careg Inn Wedding

My bride Kaitlyn's reaction to having her wedding featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday was priceless!  
"MARK & I ARE ON STYLE ME PRETTY WEDDING BLOG!!!! As I was couponing Mark shouted from the other room... "Hey honey we were featured in some kind of blog post from David." I put down my scissors (which was a very smart idea as you will see) and proceeded to go to the post. I then screamed at the top of my lungs (sorry neighbors and men outside shoveling) because that "post" was only on Style Me Pretty which is my favorite wedding blog of all time. I am still skipping, crying, and smiling as I write this post. I think I am shaking too but I cant really tell because I am too busy being happy and excited about this right now. Little girls dream about marrying their prince one day and women dream about have their wedding featured on this blog. I have had both happen and am sincerely the luckiest girl in the world.  
A million thank you's and love again to my amazing wedding vendors (you are all featured on here too!) Especially David Ruzicka, Ashley Therese Poisella, and Christopher Poisella who gave me the second biggest surprise of my life. (The first being when Mark got down on his knee.) I am beyond words happy right now!!!"  
I share in their excitement and are thrilled to have their Gwyn Careg Inn wedding featured on Style Me Pretty Connecticut!