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Westport CT Wedding | Sam & Jon

There is something about these small intimate weddings that is just hard to put into words. There is a beauty that is all their own and a different energy that is incredibly tangible and breathtaking. These "micro" weddings are truly amazing and have been incredible to photograph - Chris and I have loved being a part of these small celebrations!  
We were so excited to head to my hometown of Westport CT to photograph Sam and Jon's intimate nuptials along the river that runs through town at the Saugatuck Rowing Club. It was sweet, peaceful, beautiful and full of all.the.happiness. Sam was literally beaming and Jon was over the moon! Sam's non traditional BHLDN wedding dress for their New England nuptials was even more incredible in person and I was ob-sessed!  
I have to say that my face hurt from smiling so much just being with them and documenting this precious day in their love story! Chris and I were so so honored to be a part of their local wedding here in CT and know that they can't wait to celebrate with family and friends at their big bash next August in Chicago!  
Literally a million favorites from their day, but here are some of them!  

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