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Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding | Alexis & Ian

I have always said and still believe there is something magical about winter weddings... the crisp cold air, the bright sky, and sometimes the fresh snow on the ground. This wedding had this winter magic along with the kind that comes from being with the one that your soul was meant to be with. The love between Ian and Alexis and the joining of two hearts and two families was a beautiful celebration to be a part of!  
Their loved ones flew in from around the world to the gorgeous Saltwater Farm vineyard to be witness to them becoming husband and wife and raise their champagne glasses to the newlyweds. There was dancing under twinkling lights, toasts of heartfelt words and memories made. Oh, and s'mores enjoyed at the end of the night! What's better then that?! 
Alexis & Ian - Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to share in the joy of your wedding! We had so much fun and felt so lucky to be a small part of it! Congrats again you two!  
Here are some of my favorites from their gorgeous vineyard wedding!

The bride wore jewelry that were family heirlooms and hold special meaning to her and her family. Love this so much!

This moment was a gem. When Alexis went to put on her "something blue" shoes, she was surprised to find a love note Ian had written on the bottom of them.


One of my favorites! You are gorgeous Alexis!

Love this one!

Gah! Another favorite!

The sun was shining, but let me tell you it was COLD. Like in the low 40s. But you would never know with these two!

Venue: Saltwater Farm Vineyard 
Gown: Ti Adora  
Bridal Boutique: Lovebird Bridal 
Bride's Jewelry: family heirlooms 
Shoes: Journee kitten heels & Kate Spade Keds 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Hayley Paige 
Jewelry: Lauren Hope (bridal party earrings)  
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Ballestrini 
Hair stylist: Angela Jorgenson and Stephanie Ballestrini 
Music: James Harris and Dj Jsmith  
Floral Design: Adrea Barnes 
Cake: Caked 
Favors: Adrea Barnes 
Invitations: Krush Graphics 
Escort cards, programs, table numbers: Hartlett & Co. custom design  
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography 
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