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Yale Anniversary Session | Nicole & Danny

It feels like a year ago... ok well mayyyybe two years ago at most that they were on stage at the Bushnell Theater under the starry "sky" dancing for the first time as husband and wife surrounded by their loved ones. It was the most beautiful setting with vibrant pops of color, historic architecture and whimsical details. They floated around the stage in what felt like a fairytale story unfolding right before our eyes there in the theater. It was one of the most uniquely beautiful weddings we have had the honor of photographing!  
But their amazing wedding was actually five years ago to the day we walked around the Yale campus for their 5 year anniversary session, talking about all that has changed since then. One of the biggest and most exciting things over the past 5 years was becoming parents and the birth of their son Emmett. You guys, meeting our couple's children is so very special to me. We get to witness the first day of our couple's marriage and the start of "them" as husband and wife and then meeting the little ones that are such a big part of their hearts... well it's truly special. I loved that Emmett joined us for the first part of their anniversary session! 
It was truly so special to catch up with Nicole and Danny, see Nicole's parents and of course meet their absolutely adorable son. I can't wait to see what the next 5 years has in store for this family, and I love that they will have these photos to look back on decades from now to reminisce about this sweet time 5 years wed. Happy 5th Anniversary you two!!! 
Feel free to CLICK HERE to take a look back at their amazing wedding!

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