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Happy Birthday Greyson Cole!

It's hard to believe that it has already been four years to the day that my ears heard the most beautiful sound I had ever heard - your first cry as you entered into this world. Tears rolled down my face as my eyes locked onto you for the very first time and I could hardly believe what I was seeing for the first time - my son. Your father and I praised God in that very moment for His goodness and unmeasurable love.  
Last week I heard your sweet voice softly saying, "left, right, left, right." As I peered around the corner, there you were holding on to both your sister's little hands, gently guiding her forward as she took slow shaky steps. She was staring at you and smiling ear to ear that with you, she was "walking." Greyson, you were beaming and so proud. You kept telling her she was doing such a good job and called for me to come quick and see! It's moments like these I still can't believe you're forever mine. I can't believe that I am the mother to such an amazing and genuinely kind soul, with a heart of gold. You are smart, determined, funny and the sweetest big brother. I adore and love you more then you can imagine and still can hardly believe my ears when I hear your voice or believe my eyes when I see you each and every day. You constantly amaze me.  
I love you Greyson! Happy 4th Birthday! 

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