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Doing All The Things

You know that person that's doing like "ALL the things." Like all of them. They are on top of their social media, with a planned out Instagram grid and a Facebook feed that's on point. They are blogging about awesome things every other day without fail, they made a special craft project with their child yesterday and make dinners that are Pinterest worthy. Oh and they just got back from teaching a class at a local college, going to the Bahamas for a conference, and hit four of their ten 2018 goals by March 1st. They are going here, they are with so and so and basically they are being a total rockstar. They are doing alllllll the things. And Me? Well, I'm not. There are days I am barely juggling what's on my plate. I am doing like half the things maaaybe, let alone all of them that I potentially could be. I think I should be doing more? 
Raise your hand if you have ever felt like this? Goodness knows I have! This was the gist of a few conversations I have had with people going through different seasons in the past few weeks. Some were moms, some business owners, some both. Some engaged, some married. Some younger, some older. All dreamers, all doing their best, and all feeling like they still weren't "doing" enough.  
It resonated with my heart because I have definitely felt like this before, and not just once or twice. Comparing yourself to whoever is your "doing all the things" people and whatever it is they are doing is a trap that will leave you feeling frustrated, discouraged and disillusioned. It will truly steal your joy, minimize what you are indeed doing, take the wind out of your sails if you let it and prevent you from celebrating what others are doing. It can leave you feeling empty, falling short, and insecure. 
It's in these times, I find myself needing to take a step back and a deep breath. To refocus back on what MY priorities are, what the goals are that I set for myself and what's most important to ME.... To focus on the direction I am heading in and the little important wins I am having each day. To not hold on to and idealize the seemly busyness of others and what they are doing which may indeed be part of what's important to them! I may not be doing "all the things," but I am doing my best and doing things that are important to ME. And keep in mind, what is important and a priority to each person is different, and that's okay! For me one of my highest priorities is being a present mama to my two little kids and giving them the attention and nurturing they need. To be intentional, to make memories as a family and have quality time with those dear to us. To love, serve and pour into what God is putting on my heart. 
I think it's only by looking at what my priorities are and deciding if I am keeping those things first, can I truly decide if I am doing the things that I need to be doing. It's then I can make the decision if there is more I can do or if a change is needed to help foster and protect these priorities. Because let's face it, doing "all the things" doesn't matter as much as you doing the things that matter most to YOU.

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