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Happy Birthday Harper Rose!

Our sweet Harper Rose is 1 year old today! Guys, I honestly can't believe it and was just telling someone the other day that it feels like it's been mayyyybe 6-7 months since our little girl came into the world and changed our lives for the better. For sure doesn't feel like 12 months! Last night on the eve of her birthday, Chris and I sat on the couch and watched our video dairy from the weeks and days leading up to her birth. We went through the photos of when she took her first breaths and when we held her in our arms for the first time. We scrolled through photos of when Greyson met his baby sister, family meeting her for the first time, and the day we brought her home from the hospital. I tried not to ugly mom cry the whole time, reminiscing about that beautiful day and in disbelief it's already been one amazing year since then. Our hearts are so so so incredibly full. <3 
Harper has grown right before our eyes, filling us with such an immeasurable amount of love and joy! She is sassy, spunky, and Greyson is clearly her best friend hands down. She smiles and laughs at pretty much everything he does, wants to be right next to him as much as possible and will play with his hair as long as he will let her. She just can't get enough of her big brother! Remington is her second favorite thing on the planet along with any carb she can get her hands on - bread, waffles, pancakes, muffins, pasta. She is a girl after my own heart clearly! Lol  
Since the day she was born we have prayed daily that as her parents God would give us the wisdom, patience and grace to point Harper's heart toward His. That we would show her God's love and His fingerprints in the beauty He created all around us. That she would come to know God personally and live a life that glorifies Him. These were some of our prayers in that very first day of her life, things we continued to pray these past 12 months and will continue to in the years ahead... 
Can't put into words how immensely grateful we are for the blessing and gift our daughter Harper Rose is to us. Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl - we love you oceans, and then some! xoxoxo 
I will forever cherish these photos below from her birthday party this weekend with our families - eating her cake with her best friend <3

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