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Fall Vineyard Anniversary Session | Christine & Nate

There is something very different about photographing a married couple. They have done life together, for however long, as husband and wife. There is a comfort that exists when they hold one another and look into one another's eyes. Their wedding day has come and gone and their love has changed - it's a little wiser, it's stronger, it's weathered more storms and experienced more joy over the years. They didn't just pick one another on that special wedding day, but have chosen one another every single day since then. Over and over again. 
I didn't know Christine and Nate when they were married four years ago, but I can tell you that their love is undoubtly all of those things... stronger, wiser, brighter. It's what can happen with time and a love like theirs - it ages and becomes more beautiful. They are fun loving and each know how to make the other laugh like no one else can, not to mention their indescribable and undenyable happiness when they are together! Spending time with them at one of my favorite vineyards and for their four year anniversary, only made my love for anniversary sessions grow that.much.more.  
You two are truly beautiful inside and out and I know you will laugh together for decades to come with a love that should be celebrated as much as possible! Happy Anniversary!

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