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Oh how we love using social media to share with all of you photos from our couples beautiful weddings, food for thought, inspiration and details from our daily lives! I wanted to share today all of our social media profiles so that you can be sure to follow us and not miss any of the goings on around here! :)  
Be sure to give us a shout so we can say hi to all of our new followers! Happy Tuesday y'all!

With the changes that were made to Facebook over the past year, you will want to make sure that in addition to "Liking" our page, you add us to your Facebook newsfeed so you are notified when we post and don't miss a thang! Once you go to our page, be sure to do the following three super easy steps:  
1) "Like" our Facebook page if you have not already  
2) Click on the "Liked" drop down menu and select "Notifications" 
3) Then under the "Posts" section, check off "All Posts" 
See? Easy-peasy!! (My Nana says that all the time and apparently I am starting to now!) LOL :) Leave any questions you have in the comments section below!

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