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Don't Quit Your Daydream

I remember when we first met her, she was SOO passionate about pursuing her photography and was quite talented. Her enthusiasm for taking photos was truly refreshing! However, she didn't know how to turn her hobby into a profitable business, how to create a brand, many technical aspects of shooting, managing a business, what she should do next, and so on. She lacked confidence and direction, but it was so obvious she wanted this dream of being a photographer full time so badly. I will never forget in her initial questionnaire for our workshop she attended, one of her answers was "Right now, (photography) it's my passion/hobby but I really want this to be my career. As mentioned, my photography jobs have only been with family and friends. I am lacking the confidence to take my passion to the next level so the shoots I do with family/friends are helping to build my confidence." 
This girl completely stepped outside of her comfort zone at that workshop, photographing the models, taking tons of notes, asking lots of questions and soaking in as much of the information as she could. Then last year, we had a one on one mentoring session with her and let me tell you, our mentoring sessions are a lot of work. They look at every aspect of a business at whatever stage its at, zeroing in on the business' weaknesses and strengths, identifying where the photographer wants to be and developing a detailed actionable plan to move forward. There is laughter, tears, and for this photographer, there was lots of affirmation that she could do this! We believed in her and sometimes as entrepreneurs and creatives especially, hearing that others believe in us, that we are worthy and capable of obtaining our dream goes further then we know.  
So you can only imagine the sheer joy I had to receive a phone call from her a few days ago telling me she did it... I could hear the lump in her throat as she fought back the tears of happiness. She shared with me the amazing news that she gave her two weeks notice at her corporate job! She was leaving the job that her heart was not in, to go full time with her photography business, the thing that she was widely passionate about and made her feel even more alive. Photography was the thing she knew she loved to do all these years, but never thought it could be her "job." Her business has taken flight and she can't keep up with the work from amount of clients booking her! My eyes swelled with tears as I listened to her joy on the other end of the phone - listening to this sweet girl who is making it happen. So proud of her! It's hard to believe her mentoring session was just one year ago! With planning, practicing, and putting herself out there and with so much hard work she has now made her photography passion her full time every day. I remember the day years ago I walked out of the advertising industry to pursue my photography, and while slightly scary, it was one of the BEST life changing days of my life and could so relate to how she was feeling! She ended the call with thanking Chris and I for helping change her life, and honestly, that's why we offer workshops and mentoring sessions... to change lives and remind folks that they CAN DO IT. That it IS possible.  
Don't believe the lie that living a passion is only for other people. This photographer is encouragement to never give up on your day dream and never settle for a job that doesn't make you excited everyday to wake up for. This life is too short not to live your passion.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to take big leaps in your photography business! We have a few more Mentoring Sessions available for 2016 so if you are interested feel free to CLICK HERE for more information or email us at ashley@ashleytheresephotography. We would love to hear from you!

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