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Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club Wedding | Kira & Omari

It was a night that neither one of them will forget as it was the beginning of their forever. Kira was planning a girls night out, but let's be honest - that's not how it ended up. And Omari, well he wasn't even supposed to go out that night but a friend convinced him to come out and celebrate another friend's birthday. It's what some may call fate or kismet. But whatever made their cross paths that night, it was the beginning of their beautiful love story. 
Fate or whatever it may have been, as soon as Omari saw Kira, he knew he just had to talk to her. He went up to her and said what any guy would have, "I saw you were looking at me..." LOL Love it. Kira then clarified that she was indeed NOT looking at him. And as Omari began to walk away in apparent defeat, she added, "but that doesn't mean I wouldn't..." They both smiled and began small talk. They talked the whole night and girls night out turned into a first date of sorts. The next day they met up and spent the whole day together. From that day on they were inseparable.  
The Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club was the perfect setting for their wedding celebration!! With the water sparkling, the sun shining and the champagne flowing, it was perfection. 
Kira & Omari - We are so honored to have captured this most amazing day in your love story! We wish you many more breathtaking moments and champagne popping occasions to come! Congrats again!

We have the most gorgeous brides! Kira you are such a beauty!

MARRIED! This is the look of complete and total happiness!

LOVE this one!

Omari's mother sang their first dance song... What a special moment it was!

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