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Mentoring Sessions & Workshop

We hear from so many photographers who are frustrated with the growth, or lack there of, in their businesses. They are struggling to figure out how to brand, market, and price themselves. They aren't sure who their ideal client is or should be and what their client experience should look like. They don't have a clear direction for their photography business and aren't sure what to do next. And when asking them what they are going to do about it, typically they don't know. Or they are doing nothing for the time being. 
But change requires action. It requires doing things and doing things differently. It means taking a step in the right direction for their business, and for some photographers this means attending a workshop or signing up for an intensive mentoring session. If this is you, we have TWO mentoring sessions left for this spring! For more details regarding our mentoring sessions, CLICK HERE. We asked past mentee Anne for her feedback on her mentoring session and this is what she had to say:

Our workshop this year is now being planned for this fall and we can't wait for all thats being planned for it! It will take place at an awesome venue in Trumbull CT! We are excited to share the details about it next month. Please CONTACT US HERE if you are interested in being on the email list to be contacted first when the workshop details are announced!

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