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Q&A: What Should I Share On My Blog?

I think anyone who has a blog has probably asked or wondered about these questions at some point... I know I certainly have! What should I share on my blog? Are there things I should or shouldn't share? How do I know if I am sharing too much? These are such great questions and important things to think about. 
There is no clear answer, but what IS clear is that there is no right or wrong answer! :) Here are three things to ask yourself as you think about these questions and write for your blog: 
What are you using your blog for. Whether you are a photographer or another small business owner or just have a blog for personal use, it's important to identify what the purpose of your blog is. Is it the space that you showcase your recent photography work? Is it an educational tool where you post information and content to help others? Are you using it to share more about yourself and your story to inspire and encourage others? Knowing what you are using your blog for will have shape the kinds of content you will post on it. And this purpose will help you filter through the things you will/will not share in that space. 
I primarily use my blog as a tool for people to get more about me and my photography. This is why I share on my blog about my son and husband, failed cooking attempts, the last wedding we captured, frequently asked questions from other photographers and tips/tricks to shooting. I aim for a balance between posting personal, business, and educational content but let whatever I have going on in my life help determine the frequency of each. For example, when we are in the thick of wedding season, I post more weddings and share more of my couple's love stories. 
Once it's out there, it's out there. I know you already know this and have probably heard this a thousand times when it comes to the internet and social media, but it's worth repeating and reminding ourselves! I think when we write posts for our blogs, especially ones that are maybe more on the personal side, we forget that once we post them people will actually see and read them. After all, that's what we hope for! Maybe its five people, maybe it's five thousand. Just know that when it's out there it's out there for people to see, so deciding on boundaries and thinking about what you want to share is important.  
Before I publish each post on my blog I do what I like to call the "Super Bowl test." It's not as cool and action packed as it sounds, but it helps me! I ask myself, would I be willing to stand in the center of the field at the Super Bowl before BeyoncĂ© performs at half time, with the stands filled and it being broadcasted live on TV to the thousands at home watching for the game or just the commercials (I am a self-proclaimed commercial watcher) and say out loud to everyone what I just wrote. Would I be willing to share with thousands of strangers and also people I know what I am about to post? Am I comfortable with sharing with everyone what I wrote? Only if the answer is "yes" do I publish the blog post. If I'm not sure or think I probably wouldn't, I revise the post or decide not to post it. That's my super not-so-fancy gut test. Now this isn't to say I am not vulnerable in sharing things, but it's worth asking myself this gut check question each time. 
Setting boundaries. Thinking about and deciding on boundaries around what you share on your blog is really important. You may decide that you will have very few if any boundaries. Or on the other hand, you may decide you will have clear conservative boundaries and will just post photos from your weddings/shoots. Maybe you choose not to post any photos of your children and family, maybe you do. Maybe you decide not to most any posts about your personal life, but just share educational content. Whatever you decide, know that there is no right or wrong answer. You should decide what you are comfortable with sharing and what works best for you and the objectives you have for your blog. And you can change your boundaries if you choose, just know like I said above that once it's out there, it's out there! For me, I decided a long ago to share my photography, educational content, as well as personal posts. There are some things I choose not to go into great detail about and keep more private, just as many of us do in our lives, but do share things about myself and my life as a way for people to get to know me better!

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