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The Thing About Goals

With the start of the New Year, most people are doing the same thing: taking down holiday decorations, regretting how many cookies they ate over the past month and making resolutions for 2015. Well at least that's what I have been doing. And part of people making resolutions involves setting goals. Goals to lose 10 lbs, travel to Europe, book x number of weddings for the year, change jobs, start a hobby. But the funny thing is is that most people don't achieve their goals for the very same two reasons. Yup, two reasons. Every.single.year.  
Okay, the first one. Brace yourself for some mind exploding information... Are you sitting down? Goals you never set for yourself will most likely not happen. MIND BLOWN. Okay so maybe not the most earth shattering news, but one so many of us forget. Including me. I so easily fail to remember this simply truth sometimes. And by "setting goals," I don't mean just having a loose idea of what you think your goals might be in your head either. I mean, sitting down and writing out your specific goals for the year. Remember to not leave out the ones you think you won't achieve. The point of setting goals isn't just to have a list that you are 100% confident in achieving without a doubt just so you can feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the year. If none of your goals scare you, stretch you, and make you question if you can achieve them, you aren't dreaming big enough. Don't let 2016 roll around find you realizing you didn't achieve any of the goals that you never had.  
The second reason why most folks don't achieve their goals year after year? Well, the beautifully reliable thing about most goals is that they require ACTION to be achieved. You write them down in your best cursive on the pages of a pretty journal (<-- totally guilt of this every year including this one). You put a stake in the ground and decide on that list of goals. But the truth of the matter is, when we write down our goals and do nothing, you know what usually happens? You guessed it - NOTHING! The goals sit there on the pages of that journal and go nowhere - that's simply as far as they get. I'm a huge fan of identifying and writing down specific goals, but it's what comes after that truly breaths life into them and makes them happen. It's the purposeful hustle. It's the intentional steps you take that bring you closer to checking that goal off your list. One thing that has helped Chris and I is to take each one of our goals and list out five actionable steps for each with dates in which to complete them by. We then refer back to these goals and steps through out the year to check on our progress, revise goals, add more steps, etc.  
Because I mean, lets be honest, when is the last time someone rang your doorbell and was like "Oh hey, I was just driving by and decided to stop at your house to let you know that all those goals you wrote down that you wanted to achieve... well, POOF! Here they are! You are 10lbs skinner, just went to Europe and back and if you check your calendar your wedding season is fully booked. I mean, right?! That hasn't ever happened to me anyway. My goals have been achieved by identifying them and taking ACTION. Whether they are small baby steps or large leaps in the direction of your goals, I encourage you this New Year to remember to DO something about your goals. GO after them. MAKE them become a reality by WORKING towards them. Don't let their existence just be in that journal but let your goals be things that have become your reality and things you can check off at the end of 2015!
This is one of my favorite quotes from the inspirational Lara Casey... I keep this hanging in my studio all year long as a great reminder! :)

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