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That Kind of Cheerleader

There needs to be more cheerleaders in the world. People that come along side you and cheer you on... motivate you to keep going. To go further. To tell you you are doing a great job and remind you that you are capable of doing more then you think you are. Yes, the world needs more people like that. Genuine cheerleaders. Because truth be told, there are enough of the other kind. We don't need more people to point at you when you fall, or see you struggling and look the other way. Or see helping those struggling purely as an opportunity to make a profit. We don't need people that will pick you up and when you are up and standing, look around to see if any one saw their good deed while patting themselves on the back. This world is already fully stocked up on that kind. The world needs true, genuine cheerleaders. Individuals that are not self-serving and help others even though there is nothing it for them. People that will come right next to you wherever you are and encourage you because they truly care about you and your journey. People that will tell you to reach further, fight harder, run faster, and go further then you had imagined.  
But in order for there to be more cheerleaders in the world, we each need to be a cheerleader for somebody else. We need to be that person. We need to come along side someone and root them on, telling them not to give up... That they are doing a great job and can do it. That they shouldn't settle for their comfort zone, but should strive to go beyond it. Even if someone is running a good race, everyone has doubts and fears... wondering if they are good enough and feeling like they are struggling to put one foot in front of the other. Fast and slow runners both need encouragement. Everyone needs a cheerleader and to be a cheerleader. The world is desperate for more of those kind of people.  
So today, send that encouraging text messege. Give someone a ring this afternoon who you know could use a little Rah-Rah-Rah You Can Do It! Mail a card telling them you believe in them, set up a coffee date to remind them of how far they have come, swing by their house to inspire them to dream bigger. Encourage, love, champaign, support, inspire, pour into and motivate just because. Be the kind of cheerleader that this world could use more of.

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