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For Photogs: Telling Couples About A First Look

I do not currently suggest to my couples that they do a First Look, however I would like to start doing so. I noticed many of your couples decide to do a First Look. How do you convince them to do one? 
Thank you in advance, 
I am so glad you asked! So for me, it's important to just share with my wedding couples what a First Look is so they know it is an option. I don't push our couples to do a First Look or really try and convince them, but tell them about the benefits so they can make an informed decision to do one or not. Even if they have heard of a First Look before, I make sure to explain to them what it is from my perspective - a sacred and intimate moment between you two where you can see one another on your wedding day for the first time in privacy, etc... Because to be honest, when Chris and I were planning our wedding and were simply told it's when you "see one another before the ceremony" with no explanation or benefits, we both decided not to do one immediately. Knowing what we know now, it's something we both wish we had done!  
If a couple has no time between the ceremony and cocktail hour and want to take a lot of photos of two of them and have a lot of family photos for example, then I strongly recommend doing a First Look and explain why and what the benefits are from a timing perspective. Most couple's don't want to be rushed and often want to attend their cocktail hour. This may be something they had not thought about so discussing this with them during their consultation can be helpful! There have been a few couples we have met with over the years that had such little time for photos after the ceremony and didn't want to do a First Look, we told them we did not feel comfortable with the timeline. We respected their decision not to do a First Look, but based on our experience we knew what was/wasn't possible in the time allotted and knew we could not provide our best work and what they would be looking for for their family, bridal party, and bride/groom photos in the very small timeframe they had. Having a candid converstaion about this upfront was important and better for everyone involved so that adjustments could be made to the timeline or they could reach out to another photographer. 
For me, the key is to educate and share options with couples and not convince or force. After all, it is their wedding day and what they want to do needs to be respected. : )  
Hope this is helpful!

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