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Small World After All

I just love this story... Call it a coincidence or an sign of their destiny to be together. Whatever you call it, this couple is calling it a small world after all. Donna and Alex were going through family photos the week before their wedding and one particular photo made them stop in their tracks. It was taken decades earlier when Donna was 5 years old and was on a family vacation in Walt Disney World. She was standing for a photo with Mr. Smee, but what is amazing about the photo was in the background. As Alex looked at the photo more closely he was shocked when he recognized his dad pushing him in a stroller in the background! At the time Alex was just 3 years old. Alex pulled his family photos from his family vacation to Disney World that same year and sure enough, his dad was wearing the same outfit pushing him in the that stroller. And the little boy in the stroller was definitely him!  
At the time of the photo, Donna and Alex were living in separate countries and it wouldn't be until decades later when Alex moved from Canada and Donna moved from Long Island that they would both end up working at the same hotel in Boca Raton, Florida and meet. They met 15 years after that awesome photo was taken! They dated for six years, tied the knot, and now have three sons. And yes, their family vacations include going to Disney World where you can be sure they take lots of photos. Alex said, "We've taken pictures of the kids, and they say there're looking for their future wives in the background." It's definitely a small world. : )

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