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Ordinary Everyday Moments

We sat on the couch trying to figure out what we wanted to do for dinner... Cook something, go out somewhere, order take out...?? How about pizza? Chris asked. Clearly he knows I would never turn down a good piece of pizza in all of it's cheesy goodness. What are your parents up to? Let's ask them if they want to come with! Chris hung up with his parents and said they were in! Let's call Nana and Pop also! I dialed their number and Nana said they were in as well. No plans went to fun last minute dinner plans with the fam! 
We picked up Chris' parents and then Nan and Pop... We all squished into one car, with my mother-in-law sitting on my lap. Chris said the obvious, We could always take two cars! Where is the fun in that?! Doesn't he know that squeezing into one car and going together is the best part?! We sat in one large booth enjoying all types of pizza and cheered to do doing this more often. 
Fast forward to the next day, I was watching Oprah interview author and public speaker Brene Brown. One thing Brene said stuck out... "One of the things that happens in a culture of scarcity is we are all chasing the extraordinary... When I ask people who had went through a trauma what's the hardest loss, they never talked about the extraordinary things... They said they missed the ordinary moments. And those are the moments in front of all of us everyday, that we can stop and say God I'm grateful for this." When she said that I felt it in my heart.  
That pizza night was almost five years ago and so much has changed... two of the biggest changes being Harper & Greyson were born since then and my sweet Pop is in the arms of our Heavenly Father. Squishing our family into one car like sardines and going for pizza was an ordinary moment. Nothing fancy or extraordinary. But it was an ordinary moment that I will always cherish, wish I could relive just one more time and continue to hold in my heart. One of the biggest driving factors of why Chris and I decided to move back to CT from NYC almost 9 years ago was to be closer to our families. Because we wanted to have more ordinary moments like this with them. Let me tell you it was one of the best decisions we ever made. I am grateful for new ordinary moments unfolding each day and will give up big extraordinary for a million like these any day.

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