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FEATURED: Valley & Co. Weddings


Happy Friday!  Such an honor to have the destination wedding of Nicole and Jordan featured on the fabulous Valley & Co. Weddings blog this week!  To read the full feature, feel free to CLICK HERE. To see my blog post on their beautiful wedding, check it out here.

Have a great weekend!  Exciting changes coming on Monday! ; )

Westport CT Wedding | Kelley & Frank


Both had hand written letters to one another, filled with words of love and the reasons why they are soul mates.  No one had read these precious letters, not even one another.  Before they exchanged vows during their wedding ceremony, Kelley and Frank placed the letters, along with an amazing bottle of wine, in a wooden box with a lock.  The beautiful box was hand crafted by Frank’s father and only the couple had the key to unlock it.  Should they ever hit a really rough patch in their marriage they are to unlock the box, share a glass of wine and read one another’s letters to remind them why they got married and what they love about one other.  It was such a beautiful tradition!

Kelley and Frank’s Westport Woman’s Club wedding was full of special moments like this and beautiful details – from vintage teacups at each place setting to found mismatched salt and pepper shakers at every table.  Photos of their families were strewn around the mansion and were paired with flickering candles and burlap runners… It was absolutely beautiful!

Kelley & Frank – Chris and I feel so grateful to have been the ones to capture all the moments of your wedding…  You two are just so sweet!

Kelley… Could you be any more beautiful!!??

Love the look on both of their faces as they were announced as the new Mr & Mrs!!

The boutonnieres totally rocked…  Love the succulent and feather detailing!

Has to be one of my favorites!

While I captured the photo above, Chris captured the one below…


Kelley, you are just so so stunning.

Frank proposed to Kelley in an orchard, so it was so cool to see the details that incorporated a nod to their engagement!

Tell me this is not like straight out of a movie…  An awesome ending to their first dance!

Photography: Ashley Therese Photography

Event Planner: Piece of Cake Events

Venue: Westport Woman’s Club

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Gown: Marissa

Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew

Jewelry: Vintage & J.Crew

Makeup Artist: DD Nickel

Hair stylist: Crystal Sheehan

Tux: J.Crew

DJ/Band: Dance to the Music

Florist: Shirley Holden – South Hill Flowers, Ludlow VT

Cake: Monica Guglielmina


A Solid Dose of Life


You know those times when you are holding on to the coattails of your daily 9-5, just trying to get done all the things on your to do list and reaching for the weekend…?  No time to smell the roses but just a time of busyness and checking things off the list…  And then all of a sudden you are stopped right in your tracks by a solid dose of LIFE.  Well, it happened to me recently and has been on my mind ever since…

Chris and I had a lot to get done that day and one of the things was to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Now, I’ll be honest, we had postponed the trip to the DMV for weeks as we were both dreading it.  There always seems to be a 3 hour wait and I contemplated bringing a picnic basket just in case we are there all day.

We sat in the chairs facing forward with all the other people waiting there also… I began to people watch and was lulled by the white noise of the automatic announcements… A604, D208, C456…. Some people were clearly NOT happy to be there and were very vocal about it, complaining and arguing with the tellers.  After a long wait Chris and I heard our number and we jumped up like we just realized we had BINGO.  Chris handed the teller all of our paperwork and they began talking about registration, license, titles, and all that fun stuff.  I couldn’t help but hear the teller next to me say to the person he was helping, Well why didn’t you do this sooner? The woman who was standing there with a young girl smiled and said, I just couldn’t bring myself to.  This was my son’s car.  He was killed two years ago when he was leaving a nightclub a couple towns away from here.  It was all over the news.  He was only 21.


The teller looked at her and said he was so sorry.  The young girl looked up and said, He didn’t even have a chance to run, three people shot him 6 times right in the parking lot. I could feel my stomach literally flop and couldnt help but watch the teller as he slowly shuffled their paperwork trying to figure out what to say.  The mom clearly trying to lighten the mood joked and said, He was a great boy but not the best driver. The teller forced a small smile that quickly disappeared.  He handed back to the mom the clear folder with all of the paperwork in it.  He kept this all organized just like this in the console.  He had everything in there. The mom ran her hand over the folder, clearly proud of her son.  The teller said the total to change the title and make the other changes would be $155.  The mom and daughter both opened their wallets and laid money on the counter making sure it totaled the right amount.  The teller tried to make small talk and asked the daughter where she worked as she had mentioned she was on her way to her job after this.  She told him the food was great where she worked but the uniforms weren’t her favorite.  The teller forced another smile and told them they were all set.  Both women thanked the teller so much for all of his help.  They began to walk away and as they did, the teller said something to them.  I don’t know what he said, but the mom turned around, and with a huge smile said, You know I always do. Thank you again so much and have a good one.

I could feel my throat have that hard lump in it…  The trying-so-hard-not-to-cry lump.  It was an unexpected dose of life that I was having a hard time swallowing.  I couldn’t take my eyes of the teller as he just watched them as they walked away.  His blinks were just a little bit longer and you could tell a million things were going through his mind as he sat there in silence.  The buzz of the DMV was loud again and his stare was interrupted by a loud number being called and another person standing in front of him handing over a pile of papers.  The teller looked at the DMV exit door one last time and began shuffling the papers and entering information into his computer.  Ashley, do you have your license…  Ashley? Chris nudged me.  It was probably only about 5 minutes, but it seemed like 30 had gone by and I had totally lost track of what Chris had been doing.

This mother and her daughter’s faces have stuck with me.  The look in the teller’s eyes is something I won’t forget.  The DMV was crazy with a million people, frustrations, and everyone just going through the motions.  It was almost as if it was a microcosm of life.  Yet here was this mother’s story and this moment.  It was a beautiful reminder.  To be grateful for what I have, to appreciate my loved ones, and to not take a breath for granted.  It reminded me that life is so precious and fragile and shouldn’t be lived racing around holding onto its coattails.  Roses are meant to be smelled.

Middlesex County Engagement | Ivonne & William


It was just an ordinary day, and Ivonne was doing some mundane chores around the house.  But as she was doing laundry she felt something in one of Bill’s pants pocket… It was a receipt for a piece of diamond jewelry.  Of course she knew it just had to be for an engagement ring and couldn’t hide her excitement!  She told Bill when he got home that she found the receipt.  Bill, totally caught off guard had to think on his feet and played it off.  He told her that… umm… it wasn’t for what she thought it was for… even though it clearly said diamonds.  He could tell Ivonne wasn’t completely buying it.  So along with his mom, he hatched a plan.  On the 4th of July, which also happens to be Ivonne’s birthday, Bill took her out to dinner to an amazing Peruvian restaurant in NYC.  He gave her her birthday present and when Ivonne opened it, she saw a beautiful diamond necklace.  What Ivonne didn’t know is Bill had borrowed the necklace from his mom and her real gift was yet to come. However, Bill told Ivonne that the diamond necklace is what the receipt she found was for and like that, she bought the story.  So you can only imagine her SHOCK at the end of the romantic evening when Bill got on one knee and proposed to Ivonne with a beautiful diamond ring!  They both laughed over Bill’s plan to throw her off with the necklace, which totally worked!!

I had such an great time hanging out with them during their engagement session at their friend’s private estate.  And the Ford?  It was the perfect shoot accessory! : ) Here are a few of my favs…  Can’t wait until their wedding next year!

Just love this one…. so gorgeous Ivonne!!


SNEAK PEAK: Middlesex County Engagement | Ivonne & William


I was SOOO excited for their engagement session and then when I saw the “prop” they had brought for the session…. I was in photographer’s heaven.  More to come from their fabulous engagement session tomorrow!

CV Rich Mansion Wedding | Deirdre & Jeff


After exchanging vows and rings, Deirdre and Jeff walked down the aisle hand in hand with the BIGGEST smiles on their faces…  Their friends and family cheered along with the music as the new Mr and Mrs leaned in for another kiss as they exited.  It was happiness in its purest form, like that fluffy snow right when it begins snowing.  This happiness and sheer delight was present throughout their whole day, manifesting in amazing moments…  Like in the morning when Deirdre put her earrings and veil on in the mirror and then turned around to her mother and matron of honor.  You couldn’t help but smile as she exclaimed, YAY! I am sooo excited!!! Or like when the couple was walking around the gardens at the mansion and Jeff grabbed her hand and they both simultaneously exclaimed, We did it!! The expressions of joy and over the moon-ness (yup, I made up a word) were so very sweet and unforgettable. : )

Their CV Rich mansion wedding reception was simply amazing… The night was full of beautiful Irish dances and live music by the fabulous Eileen Fogarty & The Very Best band!

Deirdre & Jeff – You two are such an awesome couple with such sweet spirits.  Chris and I had so much fun and loved capturing your amazing day!

One of my absolute favorites… Deirdre you are SO beautiful!

I mean, seriously so adorable…!!

One of my favorite moments was when Jeff’s dad said a prayer over the newlyweds…


So gorgeous Deirdre!

The  light at sunset was AMAZING… Love this one!

Love this one that Chris captured… The golden light was perfection.

Some of the younger folks surprised the newlyweds and serenaded them… So sweet!

Photography: Ashley Therese Photography

Venue:  CV Rich Mansion

Gown:  Augusta Jones

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Ann Taylor

Hair stylist:  Kristen McGrory

Band:  Eileen Fogarty & The Very Best

Florist: Lee Vazquez

Cake: Lulu’s Bakery


FEATURED: French Wedding Style


So incredibly honored to have Sabrina and Ben’s shoot featured on French Wedding Style!  To read the full feature, feel free to click here.

To see my blog post on this amazing and fun shoot (including a hilarious photo of Chris) feel free to view it here. Kind of makes me want to go back to Paris…. ASAP! : )

Happy Monday!