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Heartbreak and True Heroes

The devastating tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on Friday is beyond heartbreaking... I can't even begin to imagine what the parents of those innocent angels are going through right now as they pick of the pieces... Nor can I think of how so truly heartbroken the families are that lost loved ones who worked at the school. I can't begin to fathom what the fireman, police officers and other first responders who rushed into the school are dealing with after what they witnessed a few days ago... 
I am so completely grateful for teachers and educators who devote their lives to the children of this country. Who treat the children in their classes as their own and help them grow and learn every single day. They clearly would do anything for the kids they teach. They are heroes. 
I am so completely grateful for the first responders who continuously put their lives on the line without hesitation. They run into situations where everyone else is running out. They face things most of us couldn't even imagine with strength and courage. They are heroes. 
The tragedy at Sandy Hook reminds us that this life is so fleeting. It reminds us to hug our loved ones a little tighter and appreciate our blessings just a little bit more. It reminds us how important compassion is and to be grateful for the gift of life each day.

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