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Made With Love

I kind of see this holiday season as our first settled holiday in our new house. I mean, we had moved and were here last year at this time, but there were still unpacked boxes and the holiday decorations were definitely not up to par. Since then we.... I mean Chris (let's be honest)... has done so much work to our house and with each project he completes it is looking better and better and feels more like our home. 
But honestly, there is one project I secretly hope he never finishes. After months of walking over the ripped up door threshold from the hallway to one of the bathrooms, I joked with Chris, This house was definitely made with love!. Based on the look on Chris' face and response mumbling about how this and that was done wrong and the inspector never noted x, y, & z, I am not too sure he agreed. LOL However, he finally asked, What do you mean? 
I had him follow me to the door threshold. Chris apparently never noticed it, but when he was pulling up this portion or the floor, pieces of cement came out forming a heart shaped dent. It has been a little reminder to me every time I step over it to be grateful to have a home to call our own. 
Sometimes it's the little things....  

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