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An Escalator Ride Down Memory Lane

Every morning I would walk to work and take out my headphones before entering in the building early.  I had just graduated from college and was eager, excited, and a complete over achiever. Everything was going as I had imagined and planned.... graduate college, move to NYC, begin working at a top advertising firm.  I got to travel, work on celebrity accounts and dive head first into everything advertising. Weeks turned into months which turned into over a year. Now I would ride up the escalators with my headphones still in my ears, coffee in hand.  It was my last few seconds of me time until stepping into my daily grind of advertising. 
But as one year turned into two, the ride on the escalator changed. I didn't take out my headphones now until I reached my desk and began to slightly resent being back at my desk again after getting out so late the night before. I might of well have slept there.  I wasn't happy.  This was not what I had planned.  I needed a change.  I decided to take a job at another advertising firm and although I stayed for a few years, I realized it wasn't really for me.  My heart just wasn't in it... at all. I called Chris, my boyfriend at the time, and told him life was too short and I wanted more from my job. This was just the beginning of the change that would happen... 
Chris and I walked around NYC years later, spending a few days in the city where we met.  It was a bittersweet walk down memory lane.  Together we silently rode up those same escalators where I started my first job after I graduated and came to NYC.  We both looked at one another and smiled.  They were smiles that came from a place of quiet understanding and deep gratefulness within our hearts.  Riding up those escalators years prior I couldn't have imagined where I would be now.  It wasn't what I had planned I couldn't be happier.  It is better then what I had imagined. As I stood in the lobby and stared up to the sixth floor as a self employed professional photographer, I was grateful for what I learned at my first job. I was grateful for Chris encouraging me to not just settle with a job because it's what I thought I ought to be doing. I couldn't have felt more blessed for the ups and downs of life that got me from that 6th floor desk to now waking up everyday and doing what I am passionate about.  
After chatting with the woman at the front desk, we turned around and rode the escalators back down without saying a word. I had been down those escalators to the front door a hundred times.  But this time was different.  I was truly happy. Not, just as happy as I could be doing what I was doing, but truly and fully happy with a life passion that made me feel excited and alive.  I love everything about what I do - the creativity, the way it changed the way I saw the world, the couples we meet, the stories we are lucky enough to tell.  We pushed opened the doors and walked out of the building. We walked a few yards from the front door to the spot where I literally met Chris for the first time.  A few doors down we strolled past the store where Chris bought me my first digital camera.  It was a beautiful and bittersweet stroll down memory lane, a lane that I wouldn't change one bit as it brought me to this very place. 
Here are these elevators....

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