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Royalton Mansion Wedding | Julie & Anthony

There was a knock at the door and Mark came into the bridal suite with a special delivery for his brother's bride to be. Mark handed Julie a beautiful single red rose and a card from Anthony. It was the morning of Julie and Anthony's wedding and Julie was glowing. Her bridesmaids and mom watched with huge smiles as she slowly opened the envelope but before she could even take out the card her eyes welled with tears of happiness... She smiled and placed the card down whispering she just couldn't get through reading the whole card just yet without completely ruining her makeup. The champagne was soon flowing again and the bridesmaids continued with hair and makeup prep. Julie took a few deep breaths. When no one was watching she gently picked up the envelope and continued reading the words Anthony had written. She paused a few times, lowering the card and looking out the window as she dabbed the tears from the corner of her eyes... 
In a separate part of the mansion, Anthony read the words Julie had written to him in an equally beautiful card with THE biggest smile on his face. Every word seemed to make him happier then the one before, and by the time he was finished reading it he exhaled just a little bit slower. If anyone was on cloud 9, it was Anthony as he carefully unwrapped the gift Julie had given him... a beautiful engraved compass. 
These moments were just the prelude to their incredible Royalton Mansion wedding... 
Julie & Anthony -Thank you for letting Chris and I be a small part of your day and capture the happiness that overflowed from your wedding! Congrats you two!  
Here are a few of my favorites from their day!

Ruffles are a girl's best friend... I heart them!

Such a special moment between Julie and her mom...

I was so happy that Julie and Anthony decided to do a First Look, so we had time to walk around the mansion property before sunset.

Love this one!

Stefan's Flowers did such an amazing job with the floral design!

I love how their cake design gave a nod towards Julie's beautiful wedding gown...

Photography: Ashley Therese Photography 
Venue: The Royalton Mansion at Roslyn Country Club 
Gown: Anne Barge 
Jewelry: Nadri 
Beauty: Jessica Rothschild (make up) & Roseanna Amador (hair stylist) 
Tux: Calvin Klein 
Videographer: 15 Minutes Of Frame 
Band: Faze 4 Orchestra (Sound Image) 
Floral Design: Stefan's Flowers 
Cake: The Royalton Mansion at Roslyn Country Club 
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