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Rock The Dress Session | Shannon & Anthony

It was one year ago tomorrow that these two became husband and wife and celebrated with their friends and family in New York along the beautiful Hudson River. And what better way to celebrate their one year anniversary then with a Rock the Dress session?! When I first met up with them at the beginning of the session to chat about some locations I had in mind, Shannon grabbed her veil and told me they were up for an adventure. Um, hello - music to my photographer ears! I have said it literally probably hundreds of times before, but we have the most amazing couples. When they put their trust in us and enjoy their time with one another, magic like the images from this session happens. 
I couldn't help but smile watching Shannon and Anthony, hand in hand and side by side, navigating the forest together, figuring out the best places to put their footing and deciding which path to take. Marriage no doubt is like this... taking on life together one step at a time, adjusting to curveballs, taking in and celebrating the beauty in one another and navigating hand in hand. 
Anthony and Shannon, you two are so special and I had so much fun in this "jungle" with you two! Happy anniversary and here's to a hundred more!

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