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Rustic Acres Farm Wedding | Courtney & Chris

Courtney and Chris have such a zest for life, a love for their families and make those around them feel important and special. Their sense of humor draws people to them and you know you will always have fun when you are with them. They are two of the most caring and compassionate people, who will drop everything if you asked them to. They are THAT kind of couple. And let me tell you, their beautiful wedding day was a true celebration of the two of them and a representation of who they are. Love surrounded them on all sides as they gave their hearts to one another for eternity and it.was.amazing. 
I think I had tears of joy at least a dozen times during their day and when Courtney's dad thanked Chris and I during his speech and said we have become like family, guys, I almost ugly cried right then and there! Courtney and Chris and their sweet family welcome us with open arms every time we see them. They are some of the most incredible people you will ever meet and when they all come together under one roof its one heck of a fun celebration! This is the third wedding we have had the honor of photographing for this family and we hope that we can crash family reunions in the future!  
Courtney & Chris - After your wedding when we got in the car, Chris and I had to sit for a second and soak in everything... all the amazing once in a lifetime moments we were honored enough to witness unfolding right in front of us. There were quiet words spoken, tears of happiness and moments of immeasurable joy that have left a mark on our hearts and we will never forget them. 
Here are some of my favorites from their wedding day at Wood Acres Farm!

Love this moment between these two sisters!

Love everything about this photo!

How stunning is Courtney?! Such a beauty!

Mom and her girls <3

I told Chris that I could never put into words what this moment when Courtney saw her dad for the first time on her wedding day was like. Chris agreed and said he was grateful that photos are worth a thousand words and tell the story of a moment so we don't have to attempt to with words alone. So so true. Their father/daughter bond and this beautiful tender moment was beyond words.

Their first look! Gah!

These two.<3

They are M A R R I E D !!

Ya'll know how I feel about that amazing golden sunset light! Love it!

Another one of my favorites!

Yes, in case you did a double take, that IS a tower of DONUTS. And it was as epic as it looks!

Everything about this sweet moment during the mother/son dance gives me goosebumps <3

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