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Looking Back And To The Year Ahead

I can say with certainty 2017 was hands down the fastest year of my life and felt like it was maaaaybe only 4 months long, tops.  Greyson's first year of life went by fast so I figured that so would Harper's this past year... but let me tell you it FLEW by at lightening speed!  How is our baby girl almost one already?!  When planning for 2017 and thinking about what I wanted it to look like, there was a driving factor to many decisions. As unglamorous as it sounds, that thing was the unknown.  I didn't know what it would really be like having two littles.  I wasn't sure exactly how I would be home taking care of them and running our business.  I didn't know what my day to day schedule and routine would look like.  Didn't know what curveballs life had in store.  However as I sat there at the end of 2016, the feeling that overshadowed all the rest was a feeling of pure gratitude to be planning the year ahead with all the miracles, excitement and the unknown it included. 
What I did know was that last year was sure to be full and about finding a new balance.  And it certainly was!  The funny thing is about finding a new balance is that so often I try to add and FIT more things in to create a better balance of everything on my plate.  Anyone else?  But by adding more to create "balance" it can still leave me feeling just as overwhelmed, tired, and burned out as before.  So for 2017 I decided I wanted LESS busy-ness and more flexibility.  I wanted more balance by doing, juggling, balancing less stuff.  I tried to be more intentional about having scheduled days with nothing but playtime with the kids.  Bake.  Make a playdough mess. Go to the lake spontaneously. Read and build trains.  See friends.  Visit my Nana.  I wanted simplicity and more time that would allow us to change our plans.  I took a step back from social media and blogging to have more time and focus on being present.  Before the days' activities began, more often then not I was up before the sun and the rest of the house to have quiet focused time on our photography business I enjoy so much and am BEYOND thankful for.  I said no to opportunities I usually would have tried to squeeze in and said yes to more grace and patience as I continually learned and adjusted. 
Now with 2017 in the past, let me tell you, I am so glad I made these changes.  This past year I was able to be much more intentional and present, pouring more of myself into what I was doing as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, business owner.  I was able to focus more on the things that matter most to me and felt like I could really enjoy and embrace Harper's first year of life.  While looking back now 2017 felt like it was one of the fastest of my life, I can say with a grateful heart that I feel like I didn't miss any of it.  While it wasn't picture perfect by any means, I felt and embraced it.  All of it.  The good, the hard, the cute, the messy, the challenging, the bittersweet. 
This year I know there will continue to be growth and adjustments in so many areas.  My goal is to continue to pour myself into my priorities and keep them as just that, my priorities.  2017 you were an awesome life changing one I will never forget. 2018, I already know you are going to be amazing and I can't wait for the memories, excitement, laughs, adventures you are bringing with you.  I'm ready for your big champagne moments (my sister is getting married this year! YAY!) and the small sweet moments in between. 

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