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NYC Rock The Dress Session | Liz & Jim

They were enjoying a nice relaxing evening at home when Jim mentioned that he had picked up a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy. With a smile Liz picked up the very special bottle to pop the cork, but didn't notice what exactly made this bottle so special. Looking at the label Liz asked Jim why he got such an expensive one?! I mean, goodness, after all it was just a normal evening at home, kicking up their feet and finding something good to watch on tv together! But what was so special about this champagne bottle was actually under the bottle of bubbly. It had been hiding the most breathtaking diamond sparkler which Liz hadn't noticed as she picked up the bottle and moved toward the kitchen to open it! Oh was it going to be anything but a normal evening at home! It was indeed one that would be one of the best and most memorable in their love story! After finally noticing the amazing ring, Liz was speechless as Jim proposed and made her the happiest girl alive!  
Liz and Jim tied the knot at their destination wedding in gorgeous Cancun Mexico 1.5 months ago and reached out to me when they got back to book a Rock the Dress session so they would have photos in the city that means so much to them! We headed to Central Park in New York City and Liz definitely rocked her gorgeous gown one more time as they told me about their amazing wedding, recalling all the details of that magical day! You guys, we had soooo much fun! Here are a few of my favorites from their dreamy session!


One of my favorites

Can we talk about how stunning Liz is?!

When the NYC marathon is only days away, I guess it can only be expected to get photobombed by a group of runners! :)

This early morning light and fog was A-MAZING!

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Definitely another favorite!

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