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Fall Maternity Session | Hannah + Rob

It's times like these I am so glad a photo is worth a thousand words, because I couldn't begin to come up with the adequate narrative to attempt to explain the magic of the moment. Where my words will certainly fall short, I hope these images speak so that what the soon-to-be parents were feeling can be remembered vividly and looked back upon generations from now.  
The great love, indescribable joy and sweet anticipation that flooded the hearts of Hannah and Rob and overflowed in front of me was truly a privilege to witness and document. It was another maternity session where my words would never due their feelings justice and I only hope that these images will help them never forget the bittersweet "before" their son arrived.... Those sweet "before" weeks that will seem like a lifetime ago once they hear their son's roar which will simultaneously be everything and change everything in the best possible way. 
Hannah & Rob - Thank you for giving me the honor of documenting the soon to be beginning of the most incredible, beautiful, mind blowing adventure you could ever imagine. I can't wait to meet your sweet babe when he makes his debut! :)

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