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Fairfield County Engagement | Alyssa & Mike

For Mike it felt like that gorgeous diamond ring was b u r n i n g a hole in his pocket from the moment he picked it up! He couldn't WAIT to give it to Alyssa and ask her that beautiful question, "will you marry me?!" So later on the very day he picked up the amazing sparker he got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to spend forever with him!  
The thing about Mike and Alyssa is that you can't help but just feel their energy and have a constant smile on your face just being around them. Like for real. My face literally hurt from smiling and laughing so much from hanging out with them during their engagement session! Their happiness is truly refreshing and oh so sweet. They are so excited to just be with one another regardless of what they are doing, whether its going to their beloved Cheesecake Factory and getting lost in the menu or finding and exploring a new part of town, together is their favorite part!  
You guyyssss their wedding this winter is going to be amazing - we feel so luck to be the ones who get to document it!! I met Alyssa years ago when she was a bridesmaid in one of our couple's wedding and hoped one day I would get to photograph her wedding! Ah can't wait! Here are a few of my favs from their engagement session last week!

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