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Central Park NYC Engagement | Ashley & Patrick

I have to admit, I was all kinds of excited when Ashley and Patrick said they wanted to do their engagement session in Central Park in New York City.... at sunrise. Those early morning hours before all the tourists and the hustle and bustle are just magical. When Chris and I lived there it was probably our favorite time of day in the city. 
From the moment we met Ashley and Patrick you could see their chemistry and know that they are soul mates. It's hard to put into words exactly what it was, but I guess that's the beauty of chemistry between two people that are meant for one another - it's kind of indescribable. But it was that chemistry and pull that made the two fall head over heels for one another years ago, and Patrick get on bended knee and propose to Ashley. The two were at the country club that they frequented together and Patrick had arranged the whole thing with lots of planning and coordinating! With views of the beautiful and pristine golf course in the background and their family inside to surprise her and celebrate the exciting news afterwards, Patrick asked Ashley to spend forever with him! Annnnd their wedding is going to be at that very same, and now super sentimental, place next year!  
These two are smart, funny, driven, and have the kindest hearts. And boy did we have a blast with them walking around Bethesda Fountain in that early morning golden light. There are not many things that could get us up and excited at 3:30am, but the chance to hang out and photograph these two in our favorite city did just that! 
Their wedding next year is going to be ah-mazing and we can hardly wait! It was so hard to pick my favorites to share from their sunrise NYC engagement session, but here are a few!

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