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Her Secret

If you have read my blog over the years, you already know that one of my favorite things to write about is one of my favorite people of all time... my Nana. She lives only 3 miles up the road from us with my Pop and well, saying she is a blessing to me would be a huge understatement. I savor every minute I have with her because I know one day, I won't be able to chat on the phone with her whenever I want, swing by for a spontaneous visit, get a surprise delivery of fresh baked cookies from her, swap recipes (okay its more like a one way swap as she has all the yummy recipes!), and to just sit with her. To be honest, I get emotional every time I see her playing with Greyson and Harper, her great grandkids, and know that those are life giving moments. They breath into my heart, her heart, and my kids hearts. It fills us all up. 
One of my favorite little stories about her was when she had a procedure done at the hospital about 5 years ago.... Before going into the operating room the nurse took her vital signs and asked her a few questions. This was the conversation: 
NURSE: What year were you born? 
NANA: 1932. I'm 80 years old. (she looks at me with a smile) 
NURSE: Wow, you look great for 80! What's your secret? 
NANA: (without saying a word she points to her husband sitting next to me, Pop). He's my secret. 
NURSE: Awwww, I like that! 
NANA: ME TOO!! (winks at Pop with a huge smile). But stay away, he's mine. 
I seriously could not help but laugh at Nana and her witty sense of humor. The love between her and my Pop is one that is so special. Their love story started when they were 14 years old and has continued through the decades. Since I was little, I wanted what they have and I feel so blessed to have found it in Chris. And I hope both my kids find this too... a sweet love to last the ages.

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