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Fairfield County Engagement | Courtney & Chris

How they met and fell in love has all the makings of an award winning blockbuster... The Notebook can move on over! Chris' family was dinning at Il Palio, which happened to be the Italian restaurant where Courtney worked as the hostess. Not even in her wildest dreams would Courtney have imagined that a passing comment to her friend who was a waitress result in some matching making occurring shortly there after! Courtney mentioned she thought the guy dining with his family and relatives there in the restaurant that evening was cute. Wouldn't you know somehow the family got word as they exited and raved about how amazing that cute guy, Chris, was. Chris had already left the restaurant when his family worked their match making skills and asked Courtney for her number to pass along to Chris. Now Courtney didn't think anything would honestly become of it and definitely did not think that Chris would actually call her, buuuut a few days later she got a call from that cute guy. Truth be told, Chris hadn't even seen Courtney that day at the restaurant so he went on blind faith when his family raved about the sweet and gorgeous hostess and gave her a call! The two ended up going out on a date and the rest is history! End scene... and the beginning of the next! This duo is set to tie the knot next spring and ohhhh we are beyond excited! We adore this couple and love every single time we get to photograph a wedding in their sweet family! :)  
Loved hanging out with these two while they were here in town from Alabama for her cousin's wedding (coming to the blog this week too)! Here are a few of my favs from their engagement session!

This girl. His family was so right - totally sweet and so beautiful!

LOVE this one!

Love and happiness like this makes my face hurt from smiling so much photographing them! :) One of my favs!

Another favorite!

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