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Our Sweet Harper Rose

Chris would be a millionaire... no actually make that a billionaire. If I gave him a dollar for every time I have said out loud in complete disbelief "I can't believe you are here..." while staring into our baby girl's eyes he would be crazy rich. Like Beyonce times a thousand kind of rich! :)  
It has been a month since our daughter Harper Rose came into this world and to be honest, I am still wrapping my head around it. That she is here. That she's in our arms. That she is ours forever. That I am a mama to a boy AND a girl now. Yes, day by day I am slowing sinking into and soaking up the role of mom to the two most adorable miracles.

The past few weeks have been full of transitions and adjustments for all of us, some easier then others. I don't have the first time mom I-have-no-idea-at-all-what-I-am-even-doing feeling like I did with Greyson, but have been trying to figure out our new routine as a family of four and juggling everything we have going on. But let me tell you it is something I wouldn't trade for the world and will happily figure out one step at a time with a whole lot of grace! Greyson has gone from not being sure if he wanted us to bring Harper home from the hospital and no longer being the only child, to loving and looking out for his baby sis. He has gone from not wanting much to do with her to wanting to include her in everything. His one way conversations with her throughout the day are the things that stop me in my tracks and melt this mama heart. Harper cries and within seconds Greyson has alerted me that she is crying (as if I couldn't clearly hear her! lol), comes up with a list of possible things she needs (milk, a pacifier, to play with him, "new diaper") and rushes over to her side to tell her it's okay. That he's there. He gently pats her head and sticks his cute little finger in the grasp of her hand. One day I'm sure they whine that the other one is looking at them, but for now I'm stopping and dropping whatever I'm doing to peak around the doorway to watch my two miracles together... all while hardly believing I'm not dreaming and begging the moment to just stay for a while and stick in my memory... forever.  
As we have settled back at home enjoying this time with Greyson and Harper these past few weeks, we have also been reminded again what amazing family and friends we have. Truly amazing. Who love us and show up for us. They have reminded us that eventually she will sleep through the night and that we are capable of surviving on coffee and much less sleep then we think. They have prayed for us, encouraged us, left meals on our doorstep, have texted and called to check in on us, and have just been an awesome support and blessing to us. We are so so grateful and already know it takes a village to raise a child from the very beginning. And boy are we part of a village that rocks!  
Even though it was only a month ago, I can't say I remember life before Harper and our family before her. I am so glad she is here and, yes, I still can't believe it. (hands dollar to Chris)

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