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Already Three

I keep asking myself, how can it be our first born is already THREE?! Wasn't it just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and figuring out the whole parenting stuff for the very first time?! Wasn't it just the other day he was taking his first wobbly step and sputtering his first word? Now I can hardly keep up with this energetic boy of ours, who is quite the conversationalist and has thoughts and opinions about everything!  
It's hard to believe three years ago yesterday my life would completely change for the better... more then I could have ever imagined. Our son Greyson was born and in the process completely stole my heart and showed me a new depth of God's amazing grace and unfailing love.  
Greyson, your laugh is contagious, your love of animals and trucks is adorable and the way you love is inspiring. Everything is just more fun with you, and that much more of an adventure. I feel so blessed to be your mama and still can't believe that you're mine. Happy Birthday my sweet boy! Oh how we love you so!

This was Greyson agreeing to stand still for 0.2 seconds before bolting through the snow again!
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