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Hello Sweet February

Hello sweet February. It's so good to see you. Oh how I have been longing and waiting for you. Now, just like that, you are finally here. Since last summer I have been counting down until our calendars would boldly declare that you have arrived. And with January now in the past, today they do. It's finally February! 
Before you came, there was anticipation, joy, fear, trust, sleepless nights and hope filled days. With you comes the reality that soon, well before you give way to March, I will be giving birth to the sweet baby girl that has been the answer to so many of our prayers and the longing of our hearts.  
Leading up to you February, God has been so faithful and showed His grace time and time again. Now that you are here, there is still a nervousness as we journey through this ever changing territory and excitement as this gift will soon be here. Both of my babies, before they even took their first breath taught me so much about myself and God's deep unwavering love. And so February, I know that with you will come more of that, lots of more that. More leaning into the truth of who God is and His promises. More of letting go and letting Him. More of surrendering my natural desire to control and plan what is truly not in my control anyway and hand this time over to my Heavenly Father... to the One who created this little life and simultaneously changed mine at the same time.  
February, I am so excited that you are here... with all of your hearts, your sparkle and love. You are going to be life changing and I can't wait!  

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