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E x h a l e . . . That is the word that comes to mind when thinking about summing up this month so far. A slow steady breath. An exhale that our busy wedding season is behind us and that all the holidays bring is before us. An exhale that more of our focus is shifting on anticipating and preparing for our daughter's arrival, pulling from the attic the bins of newborn stuff from when Greyson was a baby. Letting the washing and nesting phase truly begin! An exhale that our favorite time of year is here, one where we find ourselves reflecting and giving thanks for all God has done in the seasons of this year so far... all of His promises that have come to fruition and the plans that have unfolded that were so much better then ours. An exhale as we think back to the unexplainable blessings and undeniable grace this year has been filled with in the midst of life's constant change. 
I am so looking forward for a slower exhale and inhale during this special celebratory time of year, and this year, looking forward to our sweet little girl joining us in February! I can't wait to see the magic of this holiday season through Greyson's eyes and heart now that he is a little older! 
Yup, slowing down, exhaling and soaking in the excitement and joy of this season is where you can find me. And decorating for Christmas already because I seriously just can't wait until after Thanksgiving this year. Call it nesting. Call it crazy. Just don't judge me! :)

Sweet Greyson took these next two photos all by himself, trying to hold up my big camera but ultimately letting it rest on his lap, smiling every time he heard the shutter. Every single day I love seeing the world through his eyes through the things he says, the questions he asks, the love he shows and the photos he apparently takes now... :)

This one reminds me of bubbles and confetti and I just love it.. maybe more then the one more in focus!

His outfit of choice for going to the park that day... I mean, who am I to cramp his cute style, rain boots and all?!

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