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New England Fall Engagement | Stephanie & Stephen

Stephanie and Steve came up from Florida for their engagement session and it was the kind of day I think of when I imagine a typical fall day in New England. The air was brisk and the skies were overcast, making the bright colors on the trees pop against the gray sky. They didn't bring that Florida sunshine with them, but my photographer heart was totally okay with it as I was loving every second of photographing such a kind and sweet couple during me favorite season of the year! Oh you guys, the fall leaves are one of the things I heart most about this time of year and living in New England! The trees are all wearing their fall best and their colors never disappoint!  
Stephanie and Steve's love story began years ago when they met in college, his sophomore year and her freshman year. Who would have thought that at the beginning of their college journey they would meet their soul mate, and the one they would end up sending the rest of their lives with?! Who would have imagined that years later Steve would totally surprise and shock Stephanie by getting down on one knee and propose to her at the Masters?! Such a beautiful love story that's still being written and we are so looking forward to their wedding next month in New York, when they will start a new chapter and tie the knot on their sixth anniversary! Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session... :)

Oh Stephanie - you are gorgeous!

Love this one! And what's not seen is the family of deer hiding in the grass next to them that Steve noticed!

One of my favorites!

Can we talk about this tree for a second?! Oh it doesn't get any better then this in the fall!

Another favorite!

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