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Connecticut Sunset Engagement | Stephanie & Ryan

When two hearts that are so obviously meant for each other finally find one another in this great big world, it's an amazing thing to witness. When they are so in love that it brings tears to their eyes just thinking about the day when they will commit their lives to one another, you can't help but just watch, listen and let your heart overflow with theirs. It's in moments like this I find myself taking too many photos with a ridiculously huge smile on my face and the disbelief that I get to photograph moments and hearts like these...  
This is exact how I felt spending time with Stephanie and Ryan. As they popped the champagne bottle they had been given to celebrate their engagement, they couldn't help but get caught up in one another's eyes and tell each other how truly and completely happy they were and how much they loved one another. Just like the celebratory champagne sprayed and lit up like a shower of magical gold sparkles in the sunset light, the connection and love these two have is beautiful and overflows from both of them. These two are one of those couples people are drawn to and just want to be around... They are funny, kind, and have such a zest for life!  
And it must be said, friends successfully playing matchmaker is alive and well and these two are the proof! Stephanie's roommate was dating Ryan's best friend and decided to set her and Ryan up. These matchmakers knew what they are doing bringing these two together, because over seven years later they are engaged and can't wait for their next chapter as husband and wife! 
Here are just a few of my favorites from their beautiful beach engagement session... :)

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