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Newport Engagement Session | Janelle + Mike

Janelle loves the holiday season and everything that comes with it! She always wanted to go all out for a Christmas, decorating to the nines will all things red, green and sparkle... all things that just make it feel like Christmas time around the home. At the time both Janelle and Mike's apartments were too small for her big d├ęcor dreams so when they bought their house, they went all in with decorating with a beautiful tree, green garland and twinkling lights!  
Both of their families have the sweet tradition of exchanging ornaments with one another each year at Christmas time. So after the tree was lit and decorated with ornaments from years past that adorned each branch with sentimental memories, Mike handed Janelle her ornament gift for that year. As she opened the box, instead of an ornament she found the most gorgeous diamond ring! She was in SHOCK. She opened the box, saw the ring and immediately closed it. Then she opened it again slowly in complete disbelief! As the meaning and the promise that the ring signified began to sink in, Mike asked Janelle to spend the rest of her life with him! 
For their engagement session, we headed to one of their favorite places to visit, Newport RI which is also where their beautiful wedding is going to take place next year! We can't wait! Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

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