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Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Lucy

As they looked down at their baby girl Lucy, you could tell a part of them could hardly believe she was here... hardly believe the wait to meet her was over and couldn't believe their eyes as they held her in their arms and soaked her in. This sweet bundle of perfection had stolen their hearts and left them amazed and overflowing with a love they couldn't quite put into words. 
Watching Ashley and Lou with their 2 week old daughter Lucy in their home was such a beautiful thing to see and witness. There is a fierce love and bond that comes with becoming parents, a love that leaves you knowing your life will never be the same and with the knowledge that a piece of your heart now lives outside of yourself. What a beautiful love indeed. 
Ashley & Lou, I can't begin to tell you what an honor it was to meet Lucy and to just see the two of you with her... It was a morning filled with tender and sweet moments that I will always hold dear. Your girls are truly lucky to have such loving, caring and amazing parents! Thank you for inviting me to document another milestone in your lives!

Ok, I just have to say that you would have thought that I had secretly bribed their sweet pup him with a steak or something before the shoot! But no, once I laid the handkerchief in front of him he put his paw on it and rested his head down right on cue. He knew what this photographer had in mind. :) What an adorable big brother!

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