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Connecticut Newborn Session Baby Everly

There is no two ways about it, sweet baby Everly is a true miracle. Her story and the challenges she faced to fight for her life is a testament to God's amazing grace, her sheer will, her parent's and family's love and hope, and compassionate medical personal. Everly Faith was born at 25 weeks due to difficulties Kaitlyn had after an unforeseen seizure, born weighing a mere 1 lb 6 oz. Kaitlyn and Mark were told over and over again that Everly would not survive, yet here she is. Here she is after facing countless surgeries, many procedures, and unfathomable uphill battles. After 171 days in the NICU, she finally got to go home with her parents. She proved to all those who said she wouldn't make it that she is a fighter and a miracle through and through. This bright eyed spunky girl is perfection. 
I met Kaitlyn and Mark together over three years ago when they inquired about having us photograph their wedding. I knew then and there that there was something different about these two. I distinctly remember telling Chris after the consultation that we just HAD to shoot their wedding! Anyone who knows these two, knows that they are special. They are one of the kindest, compassionate, loving couples you will ever meet and the most perfect parents for Everly. They have fought tirelessly for her, never giving up on their baby girl even when there seemed to be little hope. There has been sacrifice upon sacrifice, tears and hugs, deep breaths, sleepless nights, scary days, and moments that took big courage. But these two have never wavered in their love and faith in their baby. So to photograph Kaitlyn and Mark beaming as their held Everly in her nursery was... everything. It was pink ruffles upon ruffles, tiny toes, and eyelashes for days! What an honor it was to meet Miss Everly Faith!  
I am so grateful for how open Kaitlyn and Mark have been about their journey with Everly as it has deeply inspired so many people, including myself. I can't even begin to put into words for what it meant to me to be able to photograph this amazing family of three... these sweet parents... this bright eyed beautiful miracle who is so incredibly loved.<3

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