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New York City Engagement | Marietta & Jim

There is something special about what they have. It's a sweet love and a wholehearted care for one another... 
Marietta handed Jim his iced coffee. Twirling the tag from her tea between her fingers and smiling, she listened to the story he was telling. The wind swept her hair across her face as the two turned to one another and Jim gently tucked her hair behind her ear. Grabbing one another's hands, they began walking together... and within seconds, Marietta was laughing at something Jim had said and Jim began laughing at her reaction. They were the kind of laughs that come from the soul and the tips of your toes... the kind that make you just smile along with them. It's these little gestures of love and signs of pure happiness that make it obvious that what they have is special. 
For their NYC engagement session we strolled around the Flatiron building before heading to The High Line... Such beautiful areas! Can't wait for their wedding next year when they tie the knot at St. Patrick's Cathedral!

Definitely one of my favorites!

Marietta you are so stunning...

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