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Gouveia Vineyard Engagement | Jennifer & Steven

I really had to work and wait for her.... like really. Steven recalls how his relationship with Jennifer began. Jennifer smiles as she listens to him and interjects with any important details he forgets... She was in another relationship but I knew she could do better. Finally Jennifer came around and realized what she wanted was in front of her the whole time... Steven. It's a love story for the storybooks, each page better then the last. 
Their Gouveia Vineyards engagement session was perfect... The sun peaked out through the dark clouds, just spilling down the rows of vines and illuminating the foliage. The two enjoyed a bottle of the vineyard's Chardonnay, the gorgeous view, and each other's company. 
So looking forward to their wedding next summer! Here are a few of my vas from their vineyard engagement session! 

This one just makes me smile... love it!


Sooo beautiful Jennifer!!

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