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Eolia Mansion Engagement | Wendy & Todd

Grandmas can ask questions no one else can and get away with it because, well, they are the best and just can! Todd's sweet 93 year old grandma knew this and took full advantage, always asking Todd when he was going to propose to Wendy, his long time girlfriend and high school sweetheart. Her question was always answered with a smile from Todd and an answer that made his grandma smile back. But that day, as the family was gathered, her question would finally have the answer she was hoping for! 
Todd will tell you he felt like his heart was literally going to beat out of his chest at that very moment. Champagne (his grandma's favorite) was poured and all of his family gathered around for what they thought would just be a simple toast to life and spending time together. But instead, in front of his family, Todd began to speak what was on his heart to Wendy - she was his everything and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Right then and there he proposed to Wendy, making her the happiest girl in the world and making grandma one of the most excited! :) 
I had such a great time with Wendy and Todd during their engagement session, wondering through gardens of flowers and the sandy shore. So excited for them to tie the knot at the same gorgeous place, Eolia Mansion, next year!

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