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Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Session

When Diane & Will said they wanted to do a Rock the Dress session for their one year anniversary I was OH SO excited. Then when they mentioned they wanted to do it on the Brooklyn Bridge my photographer's heart skipped a beat! And let me tell you, it was ah-mazing! 
In that early morning sunrise light, the bridge appeared like it was made of pure gold - the brilliant kind that's found on the other side of the rainbow. The sunshine painted each beam and cable, completely and totally highlighting the bridge's iconic architecture. Diane looked stunning in her beautiful wedding gown all over again and Will was dapper as he held his bride's hand. As we walked the bridge, we reminisced about their sweet wedding day one year ago and talked about what life had brought to their door step now. 
The dress, the view, the sunshine were gorgeous but the most beautiful thing? The thing that started 1 year prior - their marriage. It was a celebration of sorts of the first year of their journey together through life as husband and wife. The excitement and love that existed on their wedding date was still there, and stronger.  
What an honor it was to photograph these two in the city that will always have a special place in my heart at a place that means so much to them! Happy 1st Anniversary Diane & Will! :) 
(Beauty by the super talented and sweet Sarah Wood)

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