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Cold Springs NY Engagement | Katie & John

They walked along the scenic Hudson River making small talk and taking in the view. However, John's mind was r.a.c.i.n.g. He was looking for the perfect spot to ask Katie to spend the rest of her life with him. But alas, it was just not the right moment. They had dinner reservations at the amazing Hudson House, which according to John was awesome but was what seemed like the LONGEST...dinner...ever. He kept a look out for their waiter and debated whether or not to pull him aside and tell him what he was planning on doing after dinner so he would hurry up! The two enjoyed what could quite possibly be the best pecan pie there is when John suggested they go for a walk after dinner. Katie was up for it.... but after they finished dessert. Smart girl! After their romantic dinner, they walked along the water again, and sitting on a bench John finally asked Katie to marry him with a gorgeous ring!!  
We headed back to that special place along the Hudson for their engagement session and boy was it beautiful! I can't wait for their wedding on the water next fall! A few of my favorites...

I love this one...!

The sun was just setting over the mountain and the light was soft and perfect...

Seriously so sweet... They were sitting on the bench where John proposed just talking between themselves and looking at THE ring...

Um, hello gorgeous!!!


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