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New York City Engagement | Katie & Bill

Even though they both reside in Boston now, Katie and Bill's love story began in New York City. So it was only fitting that we walked around their old stomping grounds in the Big Apple for their engagement session. We walked by Katie's old apartment and her favorite sushi restaurant, where they would make sure to put her at the table in the back so she could read her book without being disrupted. Bill pointed out the restaurant where they had their first date and the other places they would often frequent to watch a sports game and drinks. It was a walk through their history and the very beginning of what would eventually be "them."  
As they walked hand and hand, I couldn't help but smile as they laughed and reminisced. They had truly found their perfect match in each other.  
I can't wait for their destination wedding in Napa Valley, CA next year!Here are a few of my favorites from their session....

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