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Embracing Her Beauty

When I was working in the coporate world years ago before going full time as a photographer, I will never forget all of my co-workers varying reactions when I told them I was resigning... That I was leaving to chase after what my heart was passionate about. I was making the change so that every day moving forward I could wake up with an excitement and happiness. Upon telling one of my bosses I was resigning to pursue photography, their response was one I will never forget... "So you are going to just like take pictures everyday?" Their slightly condescending remark brought a smile to my face and still does to this day. They had no idea. They had no idea that I was going to be challenged and changed. That I was going to be moved by the people in front of my camera and impacted by their stories. I wasn't going to have a fancy office, steady paycheck every two weeks, reviews, or bonuses. For me, I was going to have more. Much more. 
Last week I received an email from one of my boudoir clients and my heart literally almost burst with an indescribable happiness. And a thankfulness that everyday I get to live this life and do what I love. THIS is why I left my old job. Missing this is why I didn't want to settle and get caught up in the mundane. I wanted to make my days matter. I wanted to change peoples lives and be changed by doing something I love. 
I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know this beautiful woman... Reminding her to celebrate her story and embrace her unique beauty. 
Dear Ashley, 
I cannot thank you enough for my amazing boudoir photo shoot, done as a wedding gift for my husband. When we met months prior to the shoot I expressed to you that I was a very self conscious person [...] When discussing it you made me feel great about myself and suggested some different outfits and poses that I could do to feel confident on the camera. I left the meeting excited for the upcoming shoot, especially knowing that my husband would NEVER expect me to do this.  
The day of the shoot I arrived at your studio to feel beautiful and the makeup and hair was stunning and really helped to make me feel confident. Then it came time to change into some lingerie the butterflies started flying again [...] Luckily within seconds I was on the couch talking to Ashley (as she clicked the camera) as if we were old friends. She told me exactly how to sit, look, etc (trust me I needed the direction). Before I knew it I had changed outfits a few times and accomplished what I thought I would never do.  
A few weeks later I received the pictures. O-M-G shocked is an understatement. I could not believe how beautiful I looked in not one but ALL of them!! I couldn't (and still cannot) pick a favorite.  
Keeping this shoot from my husband was hard because I just wanted to spill the beans and show him, but I kept it quiet until the wedding.  
The day of the wedding was a blur, but after the wedding we went back to our room where I had the photo album along with one framed picture wrapped for him. Excited he ripped the wrapping paper to take out the framed picture [...] tears started streaming down his face as he said how beautiful I looked. He then continued to flip the pages of the album crying more and more with each page. In the 5 years we have been together this was the second time I have ever seen him cry. He continued to be speechless with the exception of repeating the words "I love it" "you're so beautiful, I love you".  
Because of Ashley's kindness, easy going attitude, thoughtfulness and respect I was able to accomplish the best gift I could ever think of for my husband. I now have self confidence that I never knew I had. When I look at those pictures I see a beautiful person and remember a super fun experience." ~ Mrs M

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CT Boudoir Photography | For Her Love

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph such awesome woman with the most incredible hearts this summer and fall... While some wanted to check a boudoir session off their bucket list, many wanted to gift the photos to the love of their life. Many were brides to be, surprising their husbands to be and gifting them with an album of the photos on their wedding day. It has filled my heart every time I hear what the reactions were... From their husbands there were tears, surprise, hugs and disbelief that their bride would do something like this for them. These beautiful images are truly timeless and capture their bride's inner and outer beauty in this exciting chapter of their lives... 
The new studio space has been awesome and having rockstar Sarah of Giggar Makeup Artistry in house to do hair and makeup has been simply fabulous! I am so excited for the next few months as I know it will be filled with many more gorgeous shoots and incredible women! Sarah and I are taking a few more sessions before the holidays, so if you are interested in receiving more information, please reach out by clicking here or email me at 
Here are a few of my favorites from one of my clients who recently tied the knot and graciously allowed me to share these from her shoot!

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CT Boudoir Photography | Her Bucket List

The fabulous Sarah of Giggar Makeup Artistry and I have been in full swing with boudoir photo shoots and it has been simply AMAZING. It's funny, when I first started my photography business, I didn't even really know what a boudoir photo shoot was... Ok, I had NO idea what it was. That was until one day when I was approached by an incredible women who asked if I did boudoir photography. We met at Barnes & Noble and we connected instantly. She told me about her life, her story, and then she told me her why... WHY she wanted to do this session. Well, plain and simple, it was on her bucket list. Yup. She was checking things off her list and doing a boudoir shoot was one of the things listed. She was engaged and thought it would be the perfect time to provide gorgeous timeless photos to her fiancé. But mostly, they were for her... Years from her shoot, she could look at the photos and remind herself of how truly beautiful she is inside and out. And she could say she did it. She was vulnerable and initially slightly nervous, but she confidently rocked her shoot. 
Her WHY hooked me. I loved the reasons she wanted to do this shoot and we had so much fun during her boudoir session. There were a lot of laughs and Top Model references. But in the end, there were insanely gorgeous photos of her, a memory, and an item checked off her bucket list. You can only imagine how incredibly honored I was when she then asked me to capture the biggest day of her life, her wedding. I will be forever grateful to her for asking me to do a boudoir photo shoot with her. 
Wanted to share a few from a recent boudoir shoot! Can't wait until she surprises her hubby with these! : )

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CT Boudoir Photography

Ummm... HOLY SMOKES!!!!!!! I am totally 110% speechless! You did an amazing job!! Honestly, I am beyond ecstatic with the way they came out like OMG! You are so talented Ashley and that make-up!! Ahhhh!! You & Sarah make quite the pair. I love love love your work! 
Thank you so much for everything. I wish I found your info sooner so I could look forward to the wedding day photos with you! I am a bit sad this is coming to an end! You are AHHH-MAZING! ~b
You can only imagine my pure happiness when I opened my inbox and read this email from one of my recent boudoir clients after she viewed her photos! Sarah of Giggar Makeup Artistry and I have been in full swing with fabulous boudoir photo shoots with some of the most incredible women. They have been moms, brides-to-be, and wives. They have had the sweetest spirits and a beauty that truly shined from the inside out. Their stories, their reasons for wanting to do a boudoir session, their bravery and confidence has been inspirational to me. It has been such an honor to meet and photograph these women, each who have a beauty that is unique and all their own. 
A FAQ is if Sarah provides hair & makeup on site, and the answer is yes! Part of the boudoir session investment is professional makeup and hair styling on location prior to your session in my in home studio, so it's very convenient with everything provided on site! Sarah and I will be booking a few more appointments this summer, so if you are interested, please click here or email me at ashley@ashleytheresephotography for more information!

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Boudoir Photo Sessions

Last year, Sarah of Giggar Makeup Artistry and I teamed up to host a fabulous Boudoir Weekend... We met and photographed some of the most incredible women who were truly beautiful inside and out. It was such an amazing and fun few days and we have been asked when we will be hosting our next one! Well, we have some exciting news! With my new studio space complete, we will be booking a limited number of private boudoir sessions from June 30th to August 30th during the week! Sarah will provide professional makeup and hair styling on location prior to your session in the studio, so it's very convenient with everything provided on site! Here are what some of the fabulous ladies said after their boudoir session... 
Hi beautiful Ashley, you just brought tears to my my eyes - ones of joy. : ) I had an AMAZING time, and you put me in touch with my inner beauty again, I had totally forgotten about it. I am soooo looking forward to seeing you again. You rock girl!! 
Thank you so much!! I've never felt more gorgeous in my life because of you and Sarah!! I can't wait to see the photos! Thanks again! 
Just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU! You are such a pro and really made the experience so easy! 
Just received my photos yesterday in your lovely packaging, I'm speechless. These are INCREDIBLE - truly like art. They almost have an old hollywood-glamour feel. I can't wait to my fiancé! Every part of this experience with you has been awesome and I'm so happy to have met you! I'm sure I'll be looking back on these when I'm 80 and thinking, damn I looked good! lol. 
Thanks again for everything! The album is amazing!! You made me feel so beautiful that day! I can't wait to give it to my fiancé!
For more information or to set up a consultation, please click here and complete the contact form or email me at We are so looking forward to more fabulous boudoir sessions with awesome women!

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