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Maritime Parc Wedding | Jessica & Brian

Even though this Miami couple calls the sunshine state home now, their love story began in Storrs Connecticut where they both were attending the University of Connecticut... The North dining hall on campus to be exact! They just happened to be introduced to one another there and little did they know that chance introduction would lead to their wedding years later! 
Jessica and Brian's Maritime Parc wedding was exquisite. With a sunset that you would swear was a water color painting, to the most beautiful views of the New York City skyline, it was a feast for the eyes. And the dancing. Can we talk about the dancing for a second? Their guests danced well into the night as the twinkling lights of the city filled the windows and provided the perfect backdrop for the festivities. There were instruments played, breakdancing, clicking of champagne glasses and an overwhelming feeling of sheer joy.  
Jessica & Brian - Your wedding was truly an amazing day - full of love. The love your families and friends have for you is obviously no secret. You are clearly so loved and adored! We are so grateful to have had the honor of capturing your amazing celebration! Hope you had an awesome time in Greece (super jealous!!). :)

Their adorable dog Loca was there keeping an eye on everything and loving all the attention SHE was getting from all the bridesmaids!

I just love this one of Jessica and her mom!

Absolutely gorrrrrgeous Jessica!

Such a sweet moment <3

One of my favorites! Right after their vows, they couldn't help but look down at their hands with their new wedding bands. Such a special moment!

Gah! The gorgeous sunset painted the most amazing colors onto the NYC skyline!

Venue: Maritime Parc 
Gown: Dennis Basso 
Bridal Boutique: Kleinfeld Bridal 
Stilettos: Badgley Mischka 
Jewelry: Meg Jewelry 
Rings: LaGravinese Jewelers 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff 
Makeup Artist: JK Flashy 
Hair stylist: Salon Posh 
Groom's Tux: Vera Wang 
Videographer: Photography by Alfonso 
Music: Elite Sound Entertainment 
Floral Design: Artistic Manner 
Cake: Maritime Parc 
Transportation: Top Class Limo 
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography 
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SNEAK PEEK: Maritime Parc Wedding

Here is a little peek of the gorgeousness coming to the blog tomorrow! Can't wait to share more from Jessica & Brian's Maritime Parc wedding!

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Gwyn Careg Inn Wedding | Kaitlyn & Mark

The way they love one another is sweet and pure. They show their love everyday through small beautiful gestures that are the things fairytales are made of. They appreciate the other so very much, and act accordingly. They truly love the other wholeheartedly. So it came as no surprise that the gifts Kaitlyn and Mark surprised one another with on their wedding day were handwritten and straight from the heart.  
While Kaitlyn was getting ready their was a soft knock at the door... It was the sweet ring bearer delivering a beautiful wooden box from Mark. Kaitlyn tried her best to hold back tears as she slowly opened the box to reveal the sweetest gift: dozens and dozens of hand written letters from Mark. And not just any letters, but each one in an envelope marked on the outside for her to read in all sorts of situations... "Read this when you are lonely." "Read this when you have no one to talk to." "Read this when you are excited." "Read this when you accomplish something." Heart melted. Who WRITES love letters like this anymore?! Mark does and that's one of the reasons Kaitlyn is madly in love with him.  
And shortly there after, on the other side of the inn there was a knock on Mark's door. Kaitlyn had her gift to Mark delivered. It was a journal... A journal she started writing in when they first started dating. The pages were filled with love letters and stories. Memories she never wanted to forget and things she wanted them both to remember forever. The second half of the journal was filled with blank pages for them to write in together as husband and wife. His.heart.melted. Totally. These two are truly soul mates who constantly love one another in big and small ways. 
Kaitlyn and Mark's Gwyn Careg Inn wedding was so breathtaking. The beautiful clouds that painted the sky during their ceremony, melted away and the warm sun poured over the gardens. Their tented wedding reception was bursting at the seams with sunshine, laughter, and dancing. Their family and friends celebrated with the newlyweds, breaking it down on the dance floor until the sun traded places with the moon and stars. 
Kaitlyn & Mark - You two. You two are as sweet and kind as they come and we are so thankful to know you both. The way you love each other and cherish the small things is beautiful. Don't even loose that and never stop writing another love letters to one another! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives and to be a small part of the biggest day of your love story. We are so happy for you both! 

The reaction of Kaitlyn's dad and bridesmaids seeing her for the first time in her wedding gown were priceless... Goosebumps!

Kaitlyn looked so radiant in her Nicole Miller gown from one of my favorites - Everthine Bridal Boutique!

Stop it right now! You are so gorgeous Kaitlyn!

The sky during their ceremony were incredible... The clouds blew over and the sunset later was simply magical.

Now this... this is the look of a ring bearer that has successfully delivered the rings! So adorable!

Such a sweet group of folks that clearly just adore Kaitlyn & Mark!

Gorgeous bouquets from Broad Brook Gardens!

One of my favorites!


Loved this old window they wrote the seating arrangements on!

I spy the ring bearer taking a break from dancing and soaking in the sunset.

THIS gorgeous sunset light! THIS sweet couple! THIS lucky photographer! :)

I can have like a million favorites right? Ok, good. Cause this one is another one I just LOVE!

Pennies of a particular year have a special meaning to Kaitlyn & Mark and remind them of Kaitlyn's grandpa. It was so sweet to see pennies scattered throughout the day...

Venue: The Gwyn Careg Inn 
Gown: Dakota by Nicole Miller 
Bridal Boutique: Everthine Bridal Boutique 
Jewelry: Etsy 
Beauty: Jessica Santoni of MAC Cosmetics (makeup artist) and Gee Huertas of Headline Hair Designers (hair stylist) 
Tux: Vera Wang 
Videographer: Fairytale Studios 
Music: Rob Guilmette 
Floral Design: Broad Brook Gardens 
Cake: Llord Tilley of The Main Pub 
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas 
Photography Ashley Therese Photography
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Lincoln Country Club Wedding | Meghan & Jack

Their day was bursting with such beautiful moments, one after the next. Like precious pearls strung on a necklace, one after another. Each one just as amazing and breathtaking as the one before it. You know you are witness to something life changing, a truly awesome moment, when afterward you look around to make sure it really did just happen... To see who else saw it. When you pinch yourself to make sure you really did just get to see such a beautiful thing take place. When, for me as a photographer, the snap of my camera capturing that moment is followed by a huge wave of gratefulness that I got to document it. Those photos are ones I will never forget taking. Those are the pearls. Those are the moments that stir in your heart and make you feel like the luckiest person in the world that you, you got to witness it. Meghan and Jack's wedding day was strands of pearls. 
Meghan & Jack's favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Hands down. Throughout their relationship, they loved meeting up in the morning before the craziness of the day and just share cups of hot coffee and a pastry. Or maybe oatmeal. Or cake if you know Meghan. ? So they decided they wanted to have an early morning wedding and then a brunch reception. And the Country Club of Lincoln was a perfect space for their brunch. It was relaxed and filled with farm tables and beautiful fresh blooms, transforming the space into a secret garden. Four hundred of their family and friends enjoyed waffles, pastries, eggs, fruit, and everything and anything else you would want for breakfast. (Including wedding cake!) They celebrated the newlyweds and the beginning of this next chapter of their lives. 
Meghan & Jack - Our hearts are so full of gratitude and thankfulness to you and your families. Your families opened their arms to Chris and I and truly treated us like family. It was an incredible day full of moments we will never forget. Truly. We feel so deeply honored that we were the ones that got to witness and capture it. Thank you for being the sweet and genuine couple you are. We are so happy for you guys!

With the early morning dew still in the air and the sun rising out of the blue night clouds, Meghan got ready at her parents home. Her parents and future in laws chatted in the kitchen with excitement. It was quiet and peaceful. Jazz music softly played as Meghan put the finishing touches on her makeup. She said this is how she always envisioned the morning of her wedding, and I know why. It was so special and beautiful...

That golden sunrise light!!!

I LOVED that her dad put her bracelets on... it was a pearl of a moment.

GAH!! Meghan, you are insanely gorgeous inside and out! I mean, my goodness!

Meghan's grandma clasped her hands and told her how excited she was. How happy she was to be there. And told Meghan to soak it all in because it goes by fast.. the wedding day. Life. It brought tears to everyone's eyes including Meghan's. But she then told Meghan she didn't want to make her cry! :) What a sweet soul. Another pearl...

I was thrilled that they decided to do a First Look and see one another in a private moment before the ceremony!

One of my favorites!

THESE two... That kind of happiness that fills you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. That's their kind of happiness.

The two gave one another the sweetest presents which they opened before heading to the church. But the cards, whatever they said, the cards spoke to the others heart.

How awesome are these programs?!

With the entire congregation singing the church's hymn behind them, the love and support for these two was tangible. Pearl.

Hillis and Company completely knocked it out of the park with the amazing floral design!

I just adore these two! So very happy and in love...

One of my favorites!

As we were finishing up taking a few more photos on the golf course after the brunch, a golf cart pulled up with their parents in it! They had come to say goodbye to the newlyweds. There were hugs and tears. Meghan and Jack's parents are some of the kindest loving people you will ever meet and clearly have so much love and sheer joy God brought these two together.

Reception: Country Club of Lincoln 
Ceremony: Capitol City Christian Church 
Gown: Vera Wang 
Bridal Boutique: Mark Ingram Atelier 
Shoes: Kate Spade 
Jewelry: Kate Spade 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Ark & Co. from Lovely Bridal 
Groomsmens: Suits from Emsud's Clothiers 
Event Planner: Lisa Petersen 
Floral Design: Hillis and Company 
Cake: Donna Roehrs 
Coffee Bar: Kinetic Brew 
Invitations: Porridge Papers 
Videographer: Suit & Tie Films 
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography
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Eolia Mansion Wedding | Emily & Drake

As she gently carried the bottom of her gown, Emily said she felt like she was stepping into a scene of Anne of Green Gables... With it's stone walls and lush gardens, full of paths and iron gates that opened to views of the water, Eolia Mansion was the perfect place for their wedding. Both her and Drake knew it the moment they saw the mansion for the first time. 
And that day was the day this place would forever mean so very much to them. With the sandy shore and water for miles in the background, Emily and Drake promised their hearts and their forevers to one another. Their loved ones gathered in the outdoor amphitheater and witness this most important of moments for the two of them. They became husband and wife. 
As the sun set, the twinkling of the crystal lights got brighter and the celebration began! The kindest most sweetest of words were spoken to the newlyweds and the clinking of champagne glasses could be heard. It was beautiful moments from beginning to end. And as if right out of a movie or a oil painting, the water lit up and glowed under the cool evening sky. Not even Green Gables could have had a sight so gorgeous! It was breathtaking and the perfect backdrop to dance the night away with the new Mr and Mrs! 
Emily & Drake - It's crazy to think how our paths crossed, and I am so very happy they did! You two are so very sweet and it was such an honor to document your wedding and be with you on your special day. Thank you for being the amazing couple you are! We hope to make it out to Arizona one of these days! :)  

Good-NESS Emily! You are such a beauty!

One of my absolute favorites!

{swoooon} I just love this one!

Moments like these... When your dearest friends speak to your heart and all those listening can't help but be moved.

That magnificent slivery water just glowed under the evening sky... It was breathtaking!

Venue: Eolia Mansion, at Harkness State Park 
Gown: Allure 
Shoes: Nina 
Jewelry: Nadri 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan  
Beauty: Naomi Salons (makeup artist) & Brittany McKinnon (hair stylist) 
Tux: Vera Wang 
Florist: Lilac Thyme  
Music: Music in Motion 
Cake: Culinary Concerts 
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography
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