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Oheka Castle Wedding | Stephanie & Matt
May 15, 2017

Oheka Castle Wedding | Stephanie & Matt

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When you're in first grade, your thoughts are probably along the lines of going on imaginary adventures outside, the latest and greatest toy, when your next play date will be, and where to hang your latest art project... not about the likelihood of your soul mate being in your class sitting four chairs over from you! I am sure no one would have ever guessed way back when Stephanie and Matt were first graders in the same class that they would one day become husband and wife, over 21 years later. But on this sunny day, at the magical Oheka Castle in New York that is exactly what happened! 
Their wedding day was an absolute fairytale with a seriously gorgeous setting that made you feel like you were at a castle somewhere in Europe! Stephanie and Matt wed outdoors in the gorgeous garden which stretched on as far as the eye could see. Everything looked to be painted in gold as the sun set, which poured golden light over the gardens and streamed in through the castle windows. Guests took in the views, filled the dance floor, and raised their champagne glasses toasting to the first day of Stephanie and Matt's marriage! It was a celebration for the storybooks. 
Stephanie & Matt - Thank you for the bottom of our hearts to inviting us to be a part of your day and entrusting us to document all of the beautiful memories that were made! What a fun and magical day it was! Congrats again to you both! 
Venue: Oheka Castle, New York 
Planning & Design: Events By Renee 
Gown: Ysa Makino 
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik 
Bridal Boutique: Bridal Reflections 
Bridesmaid Dresses: Impression Bridal 
Beauty: MG Hair and Makeup 
Videographer: Florescio Films 
Floral Designt: Flowers By Brian 
Band: The Sid Miller Band  
Cake: Oheka Castle 
Invitations & Paper: Chick Invitations 
Photography: Ashley Therese Photography
Jan 18, 2017

Our Heartfelt Thanks

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I feel like I am coming out of the beautiful swirl what was December... with birthday celebrations, Christmas, New Years and lots and lots of family visiting! Not to mention cookie baking, card writing, decorating, gift wrapping and all that good stuff that goes along with the last month of the year. Anyone else feel the same?! And now that we have put the last of the Christmas d├ęcor away (boooo!) and have vacuumed up the last of the pine needles from the tree, we find ourselves busy preparing for baby girl to make her debut in just a few weeks! Lots of nursery room preparing, painting, newborn clothes and bottle washing, and moving Greyson to his big boy room and bed! It's been so bittersweet as it becomes more and more real that our family of three is going to be four soon and that our sweet little boy isn't a baby anymore! I am trying to soak in and savor these last few weeks and can't wait for the next chapter to begin! 
We are so excited for all this new year has in store both for our family and for our business, and are so honored to have received the Wedding Wire Couple's Choice award again! I say this each year, but every year this award makes me stop in my tracks (usually literally lol) with an overwhelming amount of heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the amazing couples we have the honor of working with each year. Reading the reviews they take the time to write and pour into brings me to tears every.single.time. Chris and I can't put into words how blessed and grateful we are to do what we love and meet the most special, sweet and awesome couples. They welcome us into their lives for one of THE most important days of their lives and it's an honor we don't take lightly or for granted. We love hanging out with our couples, getting to know them and their families, and we get to be part of the most beautiful wedding celebrations, documenting such precious moments. We witness them giving their heart to the other as they begin the rest of their lives as husband and wife, and - as photographers, a married couple, artists, and people - it changes us for the better. 
THANK YOU. Thank you again and again to all of our 2016 couples who allowed us to continue to live our dream by chosing us to be their photographers and storytellers. We are so very thankful for each and every one of you! C H E E R S to all of you! 
Our Heartfelt Thanks
Crabtree Kittle House Wedding | Stephanie & Stephen
Nov 22, 2016

Crabtree Kittle House Wedding | Stephanie & Stephen

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I can't believe this was our last wedding of the year and that our season is already over! This wedding season has been completely amazing from the very beginning and what better way to end it then with the gorgeous wedding of Stephanie and Stephen! I mean, with a super sweet couple, a totally fun bridal party, design and coordination by one of our favs Amy Champagne Events, that New England fall foliage and DONUTS... you can't go wrong! :) It had all the makings of a beautiful and memorable celebration and that is exactly what their day was... 
Each time I blog one of our couple's weddings, there are some moments that stand out when thinking back and reminiscing about their day. Like all of our couples, with Stephanie and Stephen's wedding there were so many that flood my memory, but one of them has to be when Stephanie was walking down the aisle on the arm of her father at the beginning of the ceremony... The excited look on Stephanie's face and her father winking as he walked the first of his five daughters to the man of her dreams. This moment lasted for only a half second but the photo of the two of them ensures it will last forever. Definitely a moment I will always cherish. And oh how Chris and I loved spending time with the newlyweds at their gorgeous venue, the Crabtree's Kittle House, taking in the crisp fall air and colors and seeing how joyful and excited they were to officially be Mr and Mrs! 
Stephanie & Stephen - Your wedding day was simply beautiful and full of moments and memories that make us love what we do as photographers even more. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the honor to document your big day!
Nov 8, 2016

Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding | Lauren & Sebastian

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I remember like it was yesterday... the first day I met Lauren & Sebastian. There they sat on my white couch across the coffee table from me in my home, holding hands and beaming. Lauren began to tell the story of how they met at Norwalk Community College and couldn't stop looking at Sebastian while recalling the beginning of their relationship. She must have said what a sweet and great guy she thought he was when they first met at least a dozen times, with this look of a girl totally head over heels in love with the man of her dreams. Sebastian added in details she left out of the story with a joy and heart clearly bursting with that happiness that comes when you are with your soul mate. It was right from then, from he very beginning, I could tell they were a special couple.  
Lauren and Sebastian had class together at NCC and one day he walked up to her introduced himself and they struck up a conversation. Yes, just like that. Lauren was impressed by this sweet guy with a heart of gold. After talking more and more when they saw one another at school, Lauren told her mom about Sebastian and the great conversations they had and her mom looked at her like only a mom can and said, "he likes you!" Lauren didn't really think so but as weeks turned into months eventually Lauren knew what her mom had been telling her all along, that Sebastian liked her. When Lauren finally said that she thought her mom was right and that Sebastian liked her, all her mom could do was say "Oh really.... Duh!" with a huge grin on her face! Safe to say the feeling was mutual, Lauren was smitten! 
Lauren and Sebastian's Glen Island Harbour Club wedding was absolutely breathtaking from beginning to end, with exquisite details and sweet moments. A little sparkle and a lot of joy filled their day, and the excitement that I witnessed the first time I met them was there throughout the celebration... times a million. It was a once in a lifetime celebration that won't soon be forgotten! 
Lauren & Sebastian - The love you have and the excitement you share just being together is undeniable. What a joy it has been getting to know you both since that day we sat around our coffee table in our home and heard about your love story and the plans for the next chapter of your lives. We adore you both and couldn't be happier for you! Congrats!
Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding | Lauren & Sebastian
Goodspeed Riverhouse Wedding | Alora & Frank
Oct 19, 2016

Goodspeed Riverhouse Wedding | Alora & Frank

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Frank wanted to ask Alora to marry her on her birthday weekend, before her actually birthday. So the day before her birthday they took their adorable chocolate pup Baily for a hike and swim at Lake Wintergreen. Frank thought during their hike would be a perfect time to pop the question, but before he could ask a thunderstorm rolled in and had them heading back to the car and his plan foiled! Later that day they decided to go to the restaurant Sage for dinner with its beautiful waterfront views. Alora and Frank walked around the deck along the water and Frank thought this could be the perfect place, but soon noticed what seemed like the entire restaurant watching them out the floor-to-ceiling windows and decided to nix the idea of proposing then with a full audience of strangers. Eventually the two headed to Milford where they had plans to meet up with friends for drinks later that evening. They arrived early so they decided to drive around to waste some time before finally parking at the Green to wait for their friends. 
The ring at this point was burning a hole in Frank's pocket and he asked Alora if she wanted to sit on the park bench right near their car to get some fresh air. Alora said she didn't really want to and with a smile opened the sunroof of the car as if to give Frank some fresh air! Lol She noticed at this point that Frank was noticeably flustered and asked him if everything was okay. Frank took out the beautiful ring he had picked out and said to her "I've been trying to do this all day!" The happy tears began to stream down both of their faces as Frank asked Alora to spend the rest of her life with him. 
To know Frank and Alora, is to know two of the most genuine, thoughtful and sweetest people you will ever meet. Their kindness and joy is truly refreshing. They don't take themselves too seriously and there is never a lack of laughter between them. Being around them, you can't help but feel happy and the zest they have for life! Their beautiful wedding at the Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station was a celebration filled with everything you would expect from these two amazing people becoming Mr & Mrs! 
Alora & Frank - We have loved every single second of getting to know you both over the past 1.5+ years and your wedding was a beautiful reflection of how special you two are. It was beautiful, overflowing with laughter and so much fun with all those that love you so immensely. Thank you for inviting us to be part of this chapter of your lives!
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